Sunday, December 16, 2012

Silence For Sandy Hook Elementary

Friday, December 14, 2012

I {heart} a To-Do List

Don't lie... you love a to-do list, too... {it's OK to admit it... that's the first step}.  There is some powerful endorphins that are released everytime I draw a line through a completed task!  Since I have been blogging and TpTing {still makes me giggle when I type that}... I have struggled with staying organized.  My mind is all jumbled with things I want to make, blog posts that I could type, grocery lists, school to-do things, etc.  My super awesome friend, Tara, has started creating monthly calendars for bloggers... and they're FREE!  I have already snagged January from her and you can, too!  Right HERE
I hope that you will have a GREAT Friday...only 11 more days til the guy in the red suit stops by! 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lost: Bloggy Mojo {Reward if Found}

So I disappeared from blogging not long after I had started.... and that was (ahem) unexpected.  My bloggy career started mid-September... by late September my world was a little more complicated!  My blog posts became sporadic... not quite as often as I would've liked.  I promise I had a good reason though :)
Meet the newest little human in my life.  This picture was taken right before Thanksgiving.  From mid-October until about a week ago... I had a nightly date with the toilet.  I had started to think I would never get to eat dinner again!  I am now 14 weeks... told my co-workers and my boys this weekend!  Looks like we will have a late May baby... which is good because I won't actually have to miss much work at all...if any!  :)
My boys have asked for a baby brother or sister almost daily for over a year... it was very exciting to tell them that their wish was coming true.  They were very excited.  My youngest is asking tons of questions, wants to rub my belly, and keeps reminding me to eat! :) 
I think that I may have found my bloggy mojo... Thank God that the nightly dates with the toilet are over.  I don't need 24 naps everyday anymore!  I have been able to make new things for TpT... and have even started getting caught up on the piles of laundry around the house!  Yes, I think I'm BACK!
Hope you all had a great weekend...  see you soon!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rudolph's Crazy Cousin {we all have one}

I feel like I am on a constant search for fun and creative writing opportunities for my funky fresh bunch!  The Common Core standards that so many of us have jumped to are SUPER heavy with writing.  I decided to do Rudolph's crazy cousin as a craftivity... combining art and writing together to get us all in the holiday spirit!
Each kiddo made their own reindeer using templates that I had prepared ahead of time.  They needed brown construction paper, white construction paper, a small piece of black construction paper, and I let them pick out a sheet of Christmas themed 12x12 scrapbook paper {they were pumped about that part!}
I did outline their reindeer bodies once they had cut them out... and I got to draw in the crazy eyes with a sharpie!  Some of the kiddos picked a light colored scrapbook paper and in hind sight... I wish I had made them pick again (the antlers didn't show up as well!) 
Once they were done, they had to write...
"Rudolph's crazy cousin wants to help Santa.  Do you think Santa should let him help?  Why or why not?"
The reindeer made for a uber-cute hallway display... and while the scrapbook paper wouldn't be absolutely necessary... I'm not even gonna lie... it totally made them even cuter.
Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you liked the crazy cousin craftivity... you know... we ALL have at least ONE crazy cousin.  If you'd like to get your hands on them... you can find them HERE

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Check back tomorrow for a post that I have been writing in my head for months!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Santa is Hiring {eeeeek!!!}

Santa is hiring for new elves... and boy do I know where he can find some cute little humans for the job!!!  My sweet firsties took their elf applications VERY seriously.  I found them via Pinterest {of course} and it lead me over to the First Grade Parade where I could download the application for FREE!!  The kids had to fill in their info (name, age, birthday, etc.)  They had questions to answer (Do you like milk and cookies?  Do you like toys?)  They had to write reasons why they would make a good elf, draw a picture of themselves as an elf... and EVEN put their fingerprints on the application!  As you can guess... that was a crowd favorite! 
I loved their reasons...  one kid said she was great at working on a team.  One kidlet said he was an expert at making iPads!  Another even said he would be great at helping load the sleigh!  I was amazed at their creativity!  {proud teacher moment}

The applications were a great activity to get the kiddos excited about writing and made for a cool hallway display. 

We also spent part of our day coloring and writing Christmas cards for our soldiers overseas.  I had a classroom parent who volunteered to send them out for us.  The kids really jumped on board and were super excited to make cards that would be going overseas.  As an army brat... this is a cause that is near and dear to my heart!  My nephew is currently serving and my brother just enlisted!  I hope that those cards bring some Christmas joy to our soldiers!  
Hope you are all having a great week... not long til Christmas break now... hang in there... 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Freebies and a Nook Color HD (OH MY!)

Looking for a TON of teacher ideas, freebies, and the chance to win a Nook Color HD?  Head on over to the Tips for Top Teachers blog... I am happy to be a contributor and we are doing a HUGE giveaway... just in time for Christmas.  Good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!  :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holy Month Til Christmas, Batman!

Um,  anyone noticed that it is only a month til Christmas?  How did that possibly happen?  Wasn't I just sitting on the beach watching my kiddos throw sand at each other?  Life has really started to speed up within the last few months (more to come on that later). 

I skipped Black Friday this year... going for the black bedroom/sleeping in-action instead.  Cyber Monday is much more my style... sitting in front of the computer... filling up my virtual shopping cart.  I was excited to hear that TpT has a Cyber Monday sale also.  Most of our stores are holding a sale that boasts a 28% discount.  I started filling my virtual cart earlier this weekend... (c'mon midnight!!!). 

My store is also 28% off...  stop by and visit.... AND happy one month til Christmas! :) 

and thanks to Michelle over at the 3am teacher for the cute button! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Does God Use Pinterest?

Does this ever happen to you... you're surfin' on Pinterest and BAM... you see something that surely must be on your screen through divine intervention?  That's right...  Are you there God? (on Pinterest?)  It's me, Stacy! 

So, I would like to say that I am patient... that I know that building a blog following takes time... like months & months... years & years.  I was feeling all small earlier... {why do we as women do that?!?!?!}  And then BAM... saw this on my screen!  So, I can say 100% that God also likes Pinterest. 

My lesson: love my little blog.. nurture it...and watch it grow.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Have a Melon Head!!!

My Melon Head is finally here... I placed my order about a week ago and expected it to take MUCH longer than just a week.  It is crazy to think that she got my picture SO right!!!  Sunglasses on top of head, hoop earrings, Starbucks cup in hand, flip flops, jeans, painted toe nails... tshirt and cardigan... YEP, NAILED IT! 
If you've thought about getting your own... now's the time.  Click HERE to go to the Melon Headz website... then you can email Nikki from there and let her know you're interested in ordering your own Melon Head.  She will email you back with a few questions about your style and ask you for a photo and VOILA!  Hope that you have all had a great weekend.  Today marks the end of my fall break.. but marks the beginning of my countdown to Thanksgiving break... and another week off!    

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm a Dork {I'll Own It}

Man, I <3 a good font.  I have a whole board on Pinterest designed to finding cute fonts.  You can make your own fonts?!?!  Shut the front door!  It is TRUE!!!  As I have gloated said earlier... I'm on FALL BREAK this week and I've had some time to just chill out.  My friend Tara told me about an app on the IPad where you could make your own font... so I thought about it while I was sick, but still wasn't feeling it.  Today the antibiotics have kicked in and BAM...  made my own font.  Here's mine... and it's totally cool for you to download it if you want. 
The app that I bought and downloaded was called iFontMaker.  It was REALLY easy.... like, my 4 year old made his own font after I was done.  Because he's a dork, too! Have you made your own font before?  If you make one, stop back by to let me know... 'cause I'm always searching for a new favorite!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

I am already ready for Thanksgiving and it's still a month and some change away.  All of the fall holidays really get my creative juices flowing... coming up with ideas that I can do with my firsties.  Last year I did a persuasive writing activity with my 4th graders... I decided to revamp it this year and I am going to try it with my little humans and see how it goes.  I always read 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving and the kids always love it.  It is one of my favorites, too! 

We are on fall break this week and I am trying to be really intentional with my time off... spending time with my own kidlets, resting up and getting healthy, working on TpT products, tackling Mt. Laundry, and hoping to hang out at the county fair on Thursday evening with my whole crew.

Here are some screenshots of Dear Mr. Farmer... and you can check it out here!

Hope that you all have had a great Tuesday!  Thanks for stopping by... remember you can follow me on TpT and also on Pinterest... I'd love to have some new followers {it kinda makes my day, actually!}.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Have You Thought About TpTing?

Have you bought things off of Teachers Pay Teachers?  I"m sure you have.  I have bought tons of things in the past and friends of mine tried to encourage me to put my things on there.  I was always my biggest critic... much like with the idea of starting to blog.  I will say that in the last month (yep, today is my 1 month bloggy birthday) I have truly become more confident and have accomplished things that I only thought others could do!  I would high five myself... but that would just look awkward, right? :) 

Have you thought of selling your things on Teachers Pay Teachers?  Ready to take the leap?  I promise it is SO worth it.  I am encouraged by my ability to create cute, meaningful activities for my class and others' classrooms.  I don't plan on retiring anytime soon with my earnings, but I can see it paying for my Starbucks addiction habit!  If you're ready to take the leap... or even if you're on the fence.. you can click here to get started! 
I hope that you all had a GREAT Monday.  I finally went to the doctor... he was all like "I have never seen you look THIS bad!"  and I was all like "Um, thanks?!?!"  Needless to say, I now have some antibiotics... hoping that I look a little less like a Walking Dead extra tomorrow!  :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Break, Zombies, and a Sore Throat

I am on fall break... I want to scream it from the roof tops!  Well, I would scream it, but my throat is killing me hurting!  I have had a fever for what feels like weeks now.  I am hopeful that having this week off will allow me to rest and get 100% better. 

Friday was a 1/2 day for our students so that we could have the afternoon for parent-teacher conferences.  Our morning started with an announcement from the principal saying that our school was on lockdown while police officers in the area looked for a few bad guys!  It was my first lockdown at school...  and I don't want to do that again for sure! 

Finally, tonight it's time for ZOMBIES!!!  Anyone else out there LOVE them some Walking Dead?  Season 3 premieres tonight... the hubs and I have been waiting on this for months!  We are like kids waiting for Santa!  Can't you picture it? :)

Hope y'all have had a GREAT weekend...  they always go by way too fast! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Party

We went to pick out a family pumpkin tonight at the local pumpkin picking out spot...  My boys were uber-excited fo' sho'!  While we were there I picked out a classroom pumpkin, too!  I am excited to fill that baby with potting soil and see if it the seeds will start to grow!!!  (Ummmm, I saw it done on Pinterest... so let's just say I'm hoping it isn't a Pinterest fail)
M1 and M2 posing with our pumpkin
I found this Pumpkin Party Pack on TpT and even though it is 2nd grade CC aligned... it overlaps with 1st grade quite a bit... and my kidlets can always use the enrichment.  They would love knowing that they were doing activities designed for 2nd graders!  Want to look at the packet in case you're thinking about doing some pumpkin partying, too?  Check her out at 
I hope that you all had a great Monday!  If you know anyone who teaches older grades, please have them stop by my TpT store... I made my candy corn exponent sheets FREE this week!  See you soon! :) 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Columbus Day ... and Pouting

Tomorrow is Columbus Day and we are not off like many of you! That's OK... I'm not sad (sniff, grovel)... I'll make it through! :) The good news is that we are off for fall break after this Friday... a WHOLE week off! The fair will be here that week and it works out really well. That way the kids don't come to school all cracked out on funnel cakes and cotton candy. {teachers, too... ahem, cough}

I made a Columbus mini-pack for my firsties to work on tomorrow. We don't really study him as part of our SS curriculum, but I know from switching from 4th this year... that he is a major focus later on. So, I feel like ANY instruction/background info I can provide... will just make their schema explode (can you make their schema explode... hmmmm). Here's the mini-pack I made... check out the link if it's something that you'd like to try tomorrow (if you're at work like me). Hope you all had a GREAT weekend... it sure does go by fast!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

My First Giveaway... ANYONE out there love Erin Condren Planners?

I have over 70 followers and I couldn’t be any more excited!  What could I do to convey my excitement you ask?!?!?!  Well, I’m partnering with Tara over at they all fall down and we’re giving away an Erin Condren $25 e-gift card!  Our giveaway starts tonight and will run through next Friday (October 12th).  You have the opportunity to earn 4 entries…
Follow Stacy’s blog 
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Follow Tara’s blog
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I LOVE my Erin Condren planners.  I have the teacher planner and the year-round notebook… and they both make me insanely happy.  Thanks for stopping by… please feel free to leave me a comment.  Good luck to you all! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Three Little Pigs and Beyonce

Yeah, so I'm guess that title made you chuckle... and maybe a little confused! :)  Let me explain... we just finished up our week on Fairy Tales (I "heart" fairy tales).  Our leveled readers all came from Reading A-z this week but I made a 3 Little Pigs mini-pack to use with all of my students.... regardless of their level!  Check out some of their work from the pack :)

 Story elements page... we have just started concentrating on these in small groups and whole group.  They are starting to get the hang of it!
Write a new ending...  
"I would go to New York.  I would get married.  A wolf and a pig married.  A pig love a wolf.  A wolf plan a love wedding.  The three little pigs lived happily ever after"   Melts my heart :) 
 Fact family practice... this is really hard for some of my firsties!!!  Yours, too?

OK, so how is Beyonce connected?  Well, she's not I don't guess.  BUT it rained today and we had inside recess {yay, ,right?!}.  These kids NEED to move... you hear me?  Like shake out the sillies... wiggle around... "Dude, did you guzzle red dye this morning?" kinda way! Enter Beyonce...  my kids learned some dance moves today.  Check out the video we played on the SMART board a few times...  moved all the desks to make a huge dance floor...  made all of us smile...

And if you love fairy tales as much as I do... check out my mini-unit... Here's what's included: 
1) Match each pig to the correct house
2) Create a fact family
3) Venn Diagram comparing the original Three Little Pigs to The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
4) Writing "If you could create a new ending for the story... what would it be?"
5) Story elements chart (characters, setting, problem, solution)
6) 2 pages for students to fill in numbers 1-120
7) Put words from the story in ABC order  
You can find the unit by clicking this link: This pig mini-unit ROCKS :)  Hope y'all have a GREAT rest of your week!  Off to check the weather to see if it's supposed to rain tomorrow!  


Monday, October 1, 2012

My Classroom Digs

I made the transition from 4th back down to 1st this year...  It was a move that I desperately needed.  It has been a long time since I have taught firsties, but even though I don't get to sit down much... I am going home much happier in the afternoons this year! 

I don't know if I have found my blogging "mojo" quite yet {can you even have blogging mojo?note to self... google blogging mojo!} BUT I am working on it.  As I have said before I have wanted to start a blog for several years, but I was always my own roadblock.  What could I possibly have to say that others would want to read?  After a pretty big health scare earlier this year... and a VERY unexpected death of one of my 4th grade students from last year... I decided that it was NOW or NEVER!  So.... here I am.... I'm glad you're here, too! 

I have snapped a few pictures of my new digs on the first grade side of the school.  I hated to have to move classrooms, but I am finally starting to feel all moved in!  Here are some of my favorite areas on my room:

 {computer station, Clock w/transition times, word wall & storage bins....desk fairy....bunting bulletin board... and what my classroom door looks like}
 {Dino Data bulletin board, my tooth data and birthday display on the closet doors, my bookshelf with numbered storage for reading groups from IKEA, and the back of my classroom}
{my personal bulletin board beside my desk... this is my happy place.. .filled with pictures of my children/family, a photo of our school nurse who passed away 2 years ago, and a picture of when I was in 4th grade... class photo... circa 1989 I think?!?}

Hope your week got off to a great start!  Only 4 more days 'til the weekend, right?  And... yay for October! :) Thanks for stopping by! 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Quickie

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!  They always go by too fast, huh?  One of my readers asked for a Donors Choose quick how-to.  I have done the best I could for right now (sick kidlets at home).  I am putting the document below if you want to download it.  I hope that it is helpful!  If you have ANY questions about Donors Choose... I would love to help you... we could email back and forth or even set up a phone conference.  I am passionate about this non-profit and what it has done for my classroom.  There are enough donors for all of us!

I have been busy uploading and finishing things for my TpT store all weekend...  won't you stop by and take a peek? Let me know how your adventures with Donors Choose go! 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

What Makes This Teacher Tick

Don't we all have things that make our days so much brighter?  I am often so interested to know what other people are "obsessed" with and what makes them "tick".  Here are my things:
1)  My children... lovingly referred to as M1 and M2.  20 months apart {um, I didn't plan on it being that way}
2)  Starbucks...  I go there every single morning for my iced grande mocha.  I sip on it until around 11...  cold drink in the mornings...  hot drinks @ night if I get to go on girlfriend coffee dates (currently loving that the pumpkin drinks are back!)

3)  My Erin Condren stuff...  I have a teacher planner and a year round notebook!  Love them both.  Hoping to do a giveaway for some of her stuff soon {stay tuned}

4)  Pens...  I'm OCD about pens.  They need to be super fine tipped...  Let's just say OCD doesn't quite cover it! 
5)  Washi tape... to put in my planner, to make tabs in my notebook, to tape random things (like my iPhone car charger) back together!  There are whole Pinterest boards dedicated to washi tape... because it's amazing!  {I know you're going to Pinterest now to search for it}
6) Co-workers who become life-long friends. 

7)  90s rap.  Just picture it...  yes, if you play it... I probably know the words... and yes, I will sing along :)
8) Fripp Island, SC... my favorite place on this planet.  I go with girlfriends every summer... we take our children and babysitters.  Private island where everyone travels by golf cart.... It's a wild-life refuge and is totally awesome!  I've been able to hold sea turtle eggs, feed deer, and watch alligators get sun-tans!  I tutor after school, teach summer school, and save money all year in anticipation of those trips!!!

What makes you tick?  What are your favorite things?  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

They Like Me... They Really Like Me {I Think}

So excited to have some followers... I was beginning to feel a wee bit lonely here in bloggy land.  OK, I realize I've only had a blog for 11 days, but STILL...  everyone wants to be loved, right?  I'm up to like 12 followers {funky chicken dance} and I am so pumped.  Now I feel a little bit of pressure to perform though! 

I was out sick today with my two little people.  I think we are all fever free though and sufficiently medicated...  we should be returning to school tomorrow... to be reinfected loved on!  Transitioning from 4th back to 1st has been SO great... soooo what I needed, BUT these kids can fling some germs.  I thought about spraying them all with Lysol first thing when they come in, but then I figured some parent(s) might get all upset with that!  (something about child abuse/ethical violations... )  So, hand sanitizer in bulk and Clorox wipes it will be!  Tomorrow is operation DISINFECT the learning area...  I don't think that is a Common Core standard, but maybe I can find a way to integrate!

Hope you (all 12 of you.... yay!)  have a great night!  Stay safe... those germs are ruthless! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

 I love clip art... not even gonna lie!  I have been trying to branch out in the last few weeks... making more things for my classroom and even uploading a few things onto TpT.  When I am making purchases for my classroom, I need to know that the content is solid, but I love some cute graphics.  I have downloaded several things from Scrappin' Doodles.  I think their commercial use policy is very fair (you can use their clip art on your TpT creations... just give credit!)  There are lots of other websites that make it MUCH more complicated and expensive!  Making it even sweeter is the 15% off code for teachers... just enter code: SEPTEMBER2012 and VOILA!  Just click their picture above and start shopping!

Two of my favorite purchases so far are the Star Wars pack and the PB&J pack... also bought SCrabble tiles, Three Little Pigs pack, and many more! 
What clip art websites do you use the most?  Hope y'all have had a GREAT weekend! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Donors Choose and It's Almost Fall Y'all has transformed my classroom.  In my 10 years+ of teaching... it has been one of my greatest discoveries!  In the last 2 years I have had well over $10,000 of materials donated to my classroom.  Some of the more notable funded projects include: iPad, 3 iPod touches, 4 Kindle Fires, 3 Nook Readers, 1 color printer, pencils, paper, math manipulatives, pencil sharpeners, laminator, book binding machine, gardening containers... and MUCH more!  If you haven't given the non-profit a serious look, right now is definitely the time!  Corporate funding is kicking in (think Sonic, Horace Mann, Chevron, Kia, etc) and many private citizens will be looking to donate money for tax purposes as the year closes.  
It wasn't until a co-worker of mine (she's totally awesome) received her first HUGE box from Lakeshore that I became a believer.  A complete stranger funded her entire project.  We were both so amazed at the random kindness!  Come to find out... it's not that random after all!  There are TONS of people out there looking to support ALL types of projects!   

Here's a picture of my very first DC project materials (September 2010).  I really wanted math manipulatives dealing with money!  It felt like Christmas in September! Since September of 2010... I have had 19 projects funded! {jazz hands}.  What can you dream up?  Anything is possible...  PLEASE let me know if I can help you!  

Anyone else super excited about fall beginning?  South Georgia can be downright sweltering in August/September.  I am so excited about October and all that it brings to our area.  The fair is coming, football is in full swing, Halloween, the pecans will be falling from my trees soon!!!  Yes, I'm a little excited! We are taking our firsties to a local farm in October for their first field trip.  Each child gets to pick a pumpkin... I can't wait to go!  Have you ever been pumpkin picking?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How Pinteresting!

 Surely I am not the only one who saw this idea on Pinterest over the summer, right?  I ran went to Hobby Lobby (40% off coupon... holla!) and got busy.  Each one of my firsties had their picture taken holding the frame.  I keep the frame in my room just in case we get some newbies!  I told them they could hold the frame ANY way they wanted... and make ANY kind of face they wanted.  It was so neat to see their little personalities come out.  The pictures turned out uber-cute!  I think I might make a frame for the last day also... just to see the difference a year can really make! 

In our house (2 little boys... and 1 man child)... legos are a BIG thing.  Last December our family took a trip to Legoland in FL.  I picked up some silicon molds for lego minifigures & lego bricks... thinking I could use them for ice, etc.  Well during my pinning frenzy (let's call it staff development) this summer... I found the idea about melting crayons and BAM!  What if I used my silicon molds and made Lego crayons?!?!  I was instantly the coolest mom in my house... and my kidlets @ school thought I was pretty cool, too!

Lastly, Our team does a week on the human body... the kids got to color organs and place them on the 1st grade sized body in the correct places.  The kids worked in small groups to pick the "best" looking organs for their person.  Thanks to my grade level team for supplying the body template...  I also found so many cool ideas on Pinterest to use that week!  What have you seen on Pinterest that you have done in the classroom?  I enjoy being on there for many reasons, but I think I like the teaching ideas the most!  Hope you all have a GREAT week!  C'mon Friday! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Teachers Pay Teachers??? Sa-weet!

I have been looking through my computer for centers, documents, and ideas I have created in the past few years... thinking that some of those things might be worth putting on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Tonight I finally finished creating my Common Core posters for Reading/ELA.  I found cute {and funky fresh} clip art to use... and I was delighted with how they turned out.  I will start working on the math ones tomorrow.  If I get crazy inspired I might decide to do the other grade levels to upload on TpT also!  I feel like my brain has so many ideas...  it's just hard to maximize my time.  Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers link and give me some feedback... do they look OK?  Side note... got some great health news yesterday... and that has made my weekend!  Hope y'all have had a great weekend, too!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Excited, nervous {but mostly excited}

I am so very excited and nervous about starting a teaching blog.  I have contemplated this idea for years... but always assumed that it was just too techy for me!   I know there are many nights of online tutorials and youtube videos in my future and I am so ready to learn.  Won't you come along on this journey with me?