Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Three Little Pigs and Beyonce

Yeah, so I'm guess that title made you chuckle... and maybe a little confused! :)  Let me explain... we just finished up our week on Fairy Tales (I "heart" fairy tales).  Our leveled readers all came from Reading A-z this week but I made a 3 Little Pigs mini-pack to use with all of my students.... regardless of their level!  Check out some of their work from the pack :)

 Story elements page... we have just started concentrating on these in small groups and whole group.  They are starting to get the hang of it!
Write a new ending...  
"I would go to New York.  I would get married.  A wolf and a pig married.  A pig love a wolf.  A wolf plan a love wedding.  The three little pigs lived happily ever after"   Melts my heart :) 
 Fact family practice... this is really hard for some of my firsties!!!  Yours, too?

OK, so how is Beyonce connected?  Well, she's not I don't guess.  BUT it rained today and we had inside recess {yay, ,right?!}.  These kids NEED to move... you hear me?  Like shake out the sillies... wiggle around... "Dude, did you guzzle red dye this morning?" kinda way! Enter Beyonce...  my kids learned some dance moves today.  Check out the video we played on the SMART board a few times...  moved all the desks to make a huge dance floor...  made all of us smile...

And if you love fairy tales as much as I do... check out my mini-unit... Here's what's included: 
1) Match each pig to the correct house
2) Create a fact family
3) Venn Diagram comparing the original Three Little Pigs to The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
4) Writing "If you could create a new ending for the story... what would it be?"
5) Story elements chart (characters, setting, problem, solution)
6) 2 pages for students to fill in numbers 1-120
7) Put words from the story in ABC order  
You can find the unit by clicking this link: This pig mini-unit ROCKS :)  Hope y'all have a GREAT rest of your week!  Off to check the weather to see if it's supposed to rain tomorrow!  


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