Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holy Month Til Christmas, Batman!

Um,  anyone noticed that it is only a month til Christmas?  How did that possibly happen?  Wasn't I just sitting on the beach watching my kiddos throw sand at each other?  Life has really started to speed up within the last few months (more to come on that later). 

I skipped Black Friday this year... going for the black bedroom/sleeping in-action instead.  Cyber Monday is much more my style... sitting in front of the computer... filling up my virtual shopping cart.  I was excited to hear that TpT has a Cyber Monday sale also.  Most of our stores are holding a sale that boasts a 28% discount.  I started filling my virtual cart earlier this weekend... (c'mon midnight!!!). 

My store is also 28% off...  stop by and visit.... AND happy one month til Christmas! :) 

and thanks to Michelle over at the 3am teacher for the cute button! :)