Monday, June 30, 2014

Wait... It's July... Like Currently?

Wowza... it's July?  Oh.  Heck.  No!  I have to go back to work in July....  hmmmm...
The good news is I have a few more weeks... better enjoy those, huh?  So, it's currently July and I'm going to link up with Farley to join in on the fun.  Here goes...
Listening: to a quiet house... everyone is asleep.  Farley posted this... and I got busy!  Yay for quiet time!   

Loving: that summer is still going strong.  That being said… my summer comes to an end on July 25th which is my first day back to work.  Students start here on August 1st.  The boys and I have been enjoying the water park a lot and lots of time with friends.
Thinking:  about going to Las Vegas in a week….  EEEEEK, I am so stinkin’ excited.  I get to hang with some of my bloggy besties.  We are even going to the New Kids on the Block concert.  This girl is READY! 
Wanting:  my surgery on Wednesday to go smoothly and quickly.  I have female organs that have an attitude!  Jokes aside, I have pretty severe endometriosis and ovarian cysts.  It hurts to sit down most days (TMI maybe?) … so it’s time for yet another scope.  I covet your prayers if you’re the praying type. 
Needing: to go work in my classroom.  I have decided on a theme which is different than what I have done in the past and I’m really excited.  I have been shopping, but I really want to get in there and get BUSY! 
So this picture from Schoolgirl Style is my inspiration.  I already used blue and lime this year...and I love anchors... VOILA!  I am so excited about trying to pull it altogether.  Fingers crossed... and I will certainly be posting pictures at the end of July once I'm done.  {stay tuned}  
 Here's what I've got going so far:  I've stopped at Home Goods (BOOM!!), Hobby Lobby, and TJ Maxx.  I ordered the navy polka dot and lime border from Schoolgirl Style's shop.  
Gotta get some navy and lime magnets from Tea and Coffee... I have the teal and lime, but I think I need a darker blue for this year.  I know that I have more shopping to do.... but I'm stoked at what I have going so far!  

4th Plans:  Hoping to feel well enough to go watch my boys do a karate demo at the county fireworks show.  Fingers crossed.  Hope y'all have an amazing 4th with your families!  Talk to y'all soon!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Made It {Round 2}

I'm pretty pumped about this week's Monday Made It.... I'm linking up with Tara over at Fourth Grade Frolics again...  yippee!  I've been at the beach all week and we had an amazing trip. We left last Saturday morning, but FedEx dropped off my Amazon box Friday night and I got to work.  I had seen my friend Kimberly's pics on IG and decided I would give it a try.  I used my Silhouette and VOILA... personalized casserole dishes!  Woot woot!  <3
I used my Silhouette to create a stencil with our last name.  I really wanted it to be a KG cursive style font but my machine wasn't cooperating.... so I went with a KG normal style font.  This one is KG Payphone {I love it}

Here are 2 of my casserole dishes all etched, rinsed, and ran through the dishwasher.  I still have many to do, but this was all I could finish since I was packing for the beach.  Here is the tutorial that I used if you're thinking of trying it out ... you can find it HERE.  And the etching cream I used is HERE {but I think you can also find it in craft stores}.  Now I'm looking around the house at other glass surfaces & containers...  Hope y'all will have an amazing Monday!  Here are a few pictures of our beach trip with my girlfriends, our kiddos, and a babysitter {PURE.  HEAVEN}

Friday, June 13, 2014

Stitch Fix #8... Oh Happy Day!

My 8th Stitch Fix came yesterday and it sure didn't disappoint.  If you've been following for any period of time...  you've read about my obsession with this amazing concept!  Definitely during the school year this comes in handy...  there's just not a lot of time to go shopping between teaching, momming, karate, dinner, church, tpt, blogging, etc.  It's almost like they created Stitch Fix just for me!  Here's the quick version, you click HERE, create a style profile, and then decide when & if to get your first box.  It is risk free ... in that you can send back any {or all} items that don't work in a pre-paid bag.  I love trying on clothes in front of my mirror, pairing it with clothes that I already own, etc.  
So... what was in my box you ask?!?! I got this super cute striped tank shirt...  not usually a fan of horizontal stripes.  As a girl with lotsa curves... I like more vertical stripes if ya know what I'm sayin'.  I liked the light colors, but the front was a little too short for my comfort level.  Verdict: returned

My next top (see my silly face) was actually my favorite top in the box.  It was a 3/4 length top with super stretchy/comfy cotton material.  It feels AMAZING.  I am taking this to the beach to throw on in the evenings when I need something soft against my super sunned skin!  Verdict:  heck YES!

The next top was beautiful, but the synthetic front was a little too snug.  The back was a stretchy cotton, but I just kinda felt squished and boxy.  Wish that it has been more flowy or cotton in the front.  Have you figured out my obsession with "comfy" yet?  Verdict:  beautiful, but that's a no this time.  
The blue striped top is what I like to call MAXIMUM comfy.  This one is super flattering and very stretchy.  The cotton is so soft and giving/forgiving!  Verdict: yes... already packed for the beach!  
I really wanted to love this top.... it was mixed materials with the majority being synthetic and the sleeves being cotton.  It was just too tight across the bust...  I looked crazy even trying to get it on... I didn't take a picture {you're welcome}.
I hope that you guys have had an AMAZING week.  I am headed to the beach tomorrow, but I will certainly pop in with a post or two.  Remember you can totally connect with me over on my FB page... it's much easier for me to post updates, etc. there.  Talk to y'all soon!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Made It... My First Time

Hello, Monday!  I kinda love Mondays in summer... no pressure, no lesson plans, no alarm clock!  This is my first time linking up for Monday Made It over at 4th Grade Frolics (love her!!!) and I'm excited.  I am going to use 2 projects that I've done pretty recently...  hoping to have some newer projects to share soon.  Hint: I just bought etching cream!

My first project was something I saw on Pinterest.  I had a super cute frame that I had bought from Jane and thought this would be perfect for our guest bedroom.  This way when people are over... they can see our wi fi guest password easily.  You can find the original post HERE and make your own if you'd like!  
My second project was personalizing my boys' karate belt displays.  The type of karate that they take is called Hapkido.  I used my Silhouette machine and VOILA!  They just had a deal on the Silhouette machines over at Zulily!  They said to stay tuned for another sale soon!  They are still sitting against the wall in the guest room... now I need to hang them {sigh}!  
I hope y'all will have an amazing week.  My Stitch Fix is coming this afternoon and I can't wait to take pictures and type up that post... look for it tomorrow!  Talk to y'all soon!  

Thursday, June 5, 2014

It's Currently June

Hiya, peeps!  Soooo, I'm like 5 days late on my Currently.... better late than never, right?  I actually did my Currently last night, but then my ZzzQuill kicked in.  Love that stuff!  My kiddos are at vacation bible school and I am enjoying a horizontal life pause on the couch.  I have already been to the grocery store, started the laundry, and dinner is in the crockpot!  {and mom for the WIN!!!}  I'm linking up with Farley so I can get in on the fun... and here we GO:
Listening: my my boys play Stratego with their dad.  I'm not even gonna pretend I know anything about that game.  It sounds like a lot of thought is needed to play... and I'm not down with thinking right now.  Yep, your dad can totally play with you.

Loving: that it's summer break and my boys are having some Jesus time each morning.  While they are there... it gives me about 2.5 hours to get as much done as possible.  I am a to-do list NINJA this week.  I've been making returns, shopping, cleaning, organizing, etc.

Thinking: about going to the beach...  now it's only 9 days away.  We go to the same beach every year.  Me, 2 of my girlfriends, our children, and a babysitter {for an extra set of eyes near the water}.  It is my favorite place on this planet.  It's a private island and is also a wildlife preserve.  Everyone rides around on golf carts... there is literally nothing to do but go to the beach or the pool... no Starbucks, no fast food, no outside diversions.  I am my best self when I am there.  I am so stinkin' excited!  The girls and I are planning on getting up early each morning and walking with the sea turtle crew to look for nests again this year (eeeek!)
Wanting: to raise enough money for a headstone for a 1st grader at my school who recently passed away from Leukemia.  He fought this horrible disease for a year.  His medical bills and funeral costs didn't leave much money left for a headstone.  This is where Teachers Pay Teachers comes in.  I had almost 50 of my bloggy/TpT friends donate to different bundles in the Resting Place for Aaron store.  There are bundles for EVERYONE....  k-2 math, k-2 ela, 3-5 math/science, 3-5 ela/ss, a back to school/end of year bundle, and a bundle of extras (with teacher planners, clip art, etc.).  Aaron was an amazing young man... and he deserves an amazing resting place where his family and friends can go visit.  Please go check out the bundles... I promise you won't be disappointed.  The store will only be open for the month of June so HURRY!  You can watch a video about Aaron HERE!
Needing: to make a plan for next year.  I have stacks... you know... very important stacks all over my room.  I really want to be more organized with my electronic files that I make/buy from TpT.  But I also really want to file my worksheets, etc. by standard.  I just didn't do a very good job of that this year.  And now I have STACKS!

Summer bucket list:  I talked about my long summer bucket list HERE...  but the main 3 are to be fully present.  I am really enjoying each day with my kiddos, whether we are at home chilling out, at the local water park, going on vacation, etc.  I just want to be fully present.  I really need to go to the gym.  I took the first step the other day and renewed my membership... now I just need to be consistent and GO.  The last part is to finish some crafty things that I have been wanting to do.  I really want to etch our last name onto all my casserole dishes.  I also want to spray paint some lockers that I bought, and redo our front door.  Fingers crossed!  :)

I hope that your June has been amazing so far!  Talk to y'all soon!  <3