Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's Currently March

It's March 1st, peeps... crazy, right?  February is a short month and goes by fast... pretty excited from a paycheck standpoint!  Just sayin'...  So, it's time to link up with Farley for the Currently phenomenon...  here goes:
Listening:  to my kiddos playing in the tub.  This weekend was with their daddy so I had a weekend solo.  While it's nice to have a tiny bit of quiet, it's also hard to be here for too long in the quiet... or go to church alone.  Just a weird feeling to have them away from me.
Got up early today and ran some errands, then grabbed coffee and headed to church.  No one to shush or remind to be quiet.  I didn't have to find anyone's page in their hymnal, or hunt for quarters for the offering plate... just a new different feeling.

Loving: that tomorrow is a teacher workday.  Sure, there are a few conferences and maybe even some PD thrown in there, but my body will be in jeans.  I can brew a pot (or 2) of coffee and go to the bathroom WHENEVER I want.  I'm excited to grade and sort some papers, prepare materials for this week, and Clorox wipe ALL the things!

Thinking:  of my to-do list.  It's categorized, y'all!  There's a house to-do, school to-do, TpT to-do, gifted endorsement to-do.... AGHHHH!  Last week I posted a picture on Instagram of a short to-do list paper clipped to a big to-do list... the struggle is real.  I think that there is so much going on in my head that I'm afraid I'll forget it if I don't write it down.  I have always been a list maker, but I think I'm starting to envy people who don't.  Something to consider I suppose...
next TpT project
See... a list on a list 
Wanting: a set of lockers (or maybe 5) for my kitchen wall to use as storage for lots of different things.  I love the industrial vibe in houses.  If you follow me on Pinterest... then you've seen my HOME board and know that about me already.  I don't like cookie cutter things.  I also really, really want an old library card catalog.  I have found a few on Craigslist, but am super scared of being killed by a serial killer who is pretending to sell things online.  Also, they're uber-expensive.  So, there's that...

Needing: to do my taxes.  Womp, womp, womp.

Spring break plans:  I think I might get braces over spring break.  I have an appointment later this month for my consult then we'll go from there.  Braces at 35... why not?  ;)  Also my entire family lives in east TN (currently snowing) and so maybe by spring break I can head that way to see my peeps.  How beautiful is this picture?  Yes, I think a road trip might be just what I need!

I hope that you will have an amazing week.  Talk to y'all soon!