Friday, June 13, 2014

Stitch Fix #8... Oh Happy Day!

My 8th Stitch Fix came yesterday and it sure didn't disappoint.  If you've been following for any period of time...  you've read about my obsession with this amazing concept!  Definitely during the school year this comes in handy...  there's just not a lot of time to go shopping between teaching, momming, karate, dinner, church, tpt, blogging, etc.  It's almost like they created Stitch Fix just for me!  Here's the quick version, you click HERE, create a style profile, and then decide when & if to get your first box.  It is risk free ... in that you can send back any {or all} items that don't work in a pre-paid bag.  I love trying on clothes in front of my mirror, pairing it with clothes that I already own, etc.  
So... what was in my box you ask?!?! I got this super cute striped tank shirt...  not usually a fan of horizontal stripes.  As a girl with lotsa curves... I like more vertical stripes if ya know what I'm sayin'.  I liked the light colors, but the front was a little too short for my comfort level.  Verdict: returned

My next top (see my silly face) was actually my favorite top in the box.  It was a 3/4 length top with super stretchy/comfy cotton material.  It feels AMAZING.  I am taking this to the beach to throw on in the evenings when I need something soft against my super sunned skin!  Verdict:  heck YES!

The next top was beautiful, but the synthetic front was a little too snug.  The back was a stretchy cotton, but I just kinda felt squished and boxy.  Wish that it has been more flowy or cotton in the front.  Have you figured out my obsession with "comfy" yet?  Verdict:  beautiful, but that's a no this time.  
The blue striped top is what I like to call MAXIMUM comfy.  This one is super flattering and very stretchy.  The cotton is so soft and giving/forgiving!  Verdict: yes... already packed for the beach!  
I really wanted to love this top.... it was mixed materials with the majority being synthetic and the sleeves being cotton.  It was just too tight across the bust...  I looked crazy even trying to get it on... I didn't take a picture {you're welcome}.
I hope that you guys have had an AMAZING week.  I am headed to the beach tomorrow, but I will certainly pop in with a post or two.  Remember you can totally connect with me over on my FB page... it's much easier for me to post updates, etc. there.  Talk to y'all soon!

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  1. Hi Stacy,

    I just followed you on FB as my blog (Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep) and am so glad I did - it seems we share the same love of funny image quotes. :)

    Stitch Fix doesn't ship to Australia... a fact that makes me super sad every time I read a post about them! Can't wait to have the opportunity to have my very own fix.

    Have a wonderful time at the beach!

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!