Monday, October 22, 2012

Does God Use Pinterest?

Does this ever happen to you... you're surfin' on Pinterest and BAM... you see something that surely must be on your screen through divine intervention?  That's right...  Are you there God? (on Pinterest?)  It's me, Stacy! 

So, I would like to say that I am patient... that I know that building a blog following takes time... like months & months... years & years.  I was feeling all small earlier... {why do we as women do that?!?!?!}  And then BAM... saw this on my screen!  So, I can say 100% that God also likes Pinterest. 

My lesson: love my little blog.. nurture it...and watch it grow.


  1. I agree - and it will grow. Glad you found some divine intervention.:)

  2. I agree!!! Be too me MONTHS to break 100....Slow and steady! :)

    The Hands-ON Teacher in First!