Sunday, October 7, 2012

Columbus Day ... and Pouting

Tomorrow is Columbus Day and we are not off like many of you! That's OK... I'm not sad (sniff, grovel)... I'll make it through! :) The good news is that we are off for fall break after this Friday... a WHOLE week off! The fair will be here that week and it works out really well. That way the kids don't come to school all cracked out on funnel cakes and cotton candy. {teachers, too... ahem, cough}

I made a Columbus mini-pack for my firsties to work on tomorrow. We don't really study him as part of our SS curriculum, but I know from switching from 4th this year... that he is a major focus later on. So, I feel like ANY instruction/background info I can provide... will just make their schema explode (can you make their schema explode... hmmmm). Here's the mini-pack I made... check out the link if it's something that you'd like to try tomorrow (if you're at work like me). Hope you all had a GREAT weekend... it sure does go by fast!


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