Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Party

We went to pick out a family pumpkin tonight at the local pumpkin picking out spot...  My boys were uber-excited fo' sho'!  While we were there I picked out a classroom pumpkin, too!  I am excited to fill that baby with potting soil and see if it the seeds will start to grow!!!  (Ummmm, I saw it done on Pinterest... so let's just say I'm hoping it isn't a Pinterest fail)
M1 and M2 posing with our pumpkin
I found this Pumpkin Party Pack on TpT and even though it is 2nd grade CC aligned... it overlaps with 1st grade quite a bit... and my kidlets can always use the enrichment.  They would love knowing that they were doing activities designed for 2nd graders!  Want to look at the packet in case you're thinking about doing some pumpkin partying, too?  Check her out at 
I hope that you all had a great Monday!  If you know anyone who teaches older grades, please have them stop by my TpT store... I made my candy corn exponent sheets FREE this week!  See you soon! :) 


  1. Stacy, do you have a link to the FREE candy corn exponent sheet? Would love it for my upper grade teachers! Also, where can I grab the HTML code the the TpT widget you have in your sidebar...I love it!

    1. Hey, Jennifer! Here is the link for the free candy corn exponents sheets. I also have a sweet exponents file in my store that I used last year with my 4th graders as enrichment. It made a great bulletin board. The TpT widget came from the TpT site at the bottom under "Marketing and Promotion" I clicked on "Link to Your Store" and VOILA! Hope this helps. I have just started blogging and TpTing so I am not completely html literate quite yet!

  2. Just found your blog by way of TpT! Super cute:) Heading over to check on the Pumpkin Pack.

    Thanks for sharing.
    TThe Resourceful Appleammy