Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rudolph's Crazy Cousin {we all have one}

I feel like I am on a constant search for fun and creative writing opportunities for my funky fresh bunch!  The Common Core standards that so many of us have jumped to are SUPER heavy with writing.  I decided to do Rudolph's crazy cousin as a craftivity... combining art and writing together to get us all in the holiday spirit!
Each kiddo made their own reindeer using templates that I had prepared ahead of time.  They needed brown construction paper, white construction paper, a small piece of black construction paper, and I let them pick out a sheet of Christmas themed 12x12 scrapbook paper {they were pumped about that part!}
I did outline their reindeer bodies once they had cut them out... and I got to draw in the crazy eyes with a sharpie!  Some of the kiddos picked a light colored scrapbook paper and in hind sight... I wish I had made them pick again (the antlers didn't show up as well!) 
Once they were done, they had to write...
"Rudolph's crazy cousin wants to help Santa.  Do you think Santa should let him help?  Why or why not?"
The reindeer made for a uber-cute hallway display... and while the scrapbook paper wouldn't be absolutely necessary... I'm not even gonna lie... it totally made them even cuter.
Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you liked the crazy cousin craftivity... you know... we ALL have at least ONE crazy cousin.  If you'd like to get your hands on them... you can find them HERE

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Check back tomorrow for a post that I have been writing in my head for months!