Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lost: Bloggy Mojo {Reward if Found}

So I disappeared from blogging not long after I had started.... and that was (ahem) unexpected.  My bloggy career started mid-September... by late September my world was a little more complicated!  My blog posts became sporadic... not quite as often as I would've liked.  I promise I had a good reason though :)
Meet the newest little human in my life.  This picture was taken right before Thanksgiving.  From mid-October until about a week ago... I had a nightly date with the toilet.  I had started to think I would never get to eat dinner again!  I am now 14 weeks... told my co-workers and my boys this weekend!  Looks like we will have a late May baby... which is good because I won't actually have to miss much work at all...if any!  :)
My boys have asked for a baby brother or sister almost daily for over a year... it was very exciting to tell them that their wish was coming true.  They were very excited.  My youngest is asking tons of questions, wants to rub my belly, and keeps reminding me to eat! :) 
I think that I may have found my bloggy mojo... Thank God that the nightly dates with the toilet are over.  I don't need 24 naps everyday anymore!  I have been able to make new things for TpT... and have even started getting caught up on the piles of laundry around the house!  Yes, I think I'm BACK!
Hope you all had a great weekend...  see you soon!