Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Quickie

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!  They always go by too fast, huh?  One of my readers asked for a Donors Choose quick how-to.  I have done the best I could for right now (sick kidlets at home).  I am putting the document below if you want to download it.  I hope that it is helpful!  If you have ANY questions about Donors Choose... I would love to help you... we could email back and forth or even set up a phone conference.  I am passionate about this non-profit and what it has done for my classroom.  There are enough donors for all of us!

I have been busy uploading and finishing things for my TpT store all weekend...  won't you stop by and take a peek? Let me know how your adventures with Donors Choose go! 


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    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I hope that it will be helpful! :)

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    1. I'm glad that it was helpful! It really has been such a blessing! Our school has pretty limited resources and the parents aren't often able to send in supplies... figured I had to get creative to get what I needed for my kidlets! Let me know what you decide on for your first project! :)

  3. YAY for you and YAY for donor's choose! You've been my #1 motivator! :)

  4. SO helpful! Thank you! I have been using Donors Choose for an entire school year now and I have had lots of success as well. I read your tips and found something new that I want to try now for my next project.
    Thank you!
    Your newest follower,
    Kindergarten Schmindergarten

    1. Vanessa,
      I'm so glad that you found something that might help! :) Good luck!!! Keep me posted!!!