Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How Pinteresting!

 Surely I am not the only one who saw this idea on Pinterest over the summer, right?  I ran went to Hobby Lobby (40% off coupon... holla!) and got busy.  Each one of my firsties had their picture taken holding the frame.  I keep the frame in my room just in case we get some newbies!  I told them they could hold the frame ANY way they wanted... and make ANY kind of face they wanted.  It was so neat to see their little personalities come out.  The pictures turned out uber-cute!  I think I might make a frame for the last day also... just to see the difference a year can really make! 

In our house (2 little boys... and 1 man child)... legos are a BIG thing.  Last December our family took a trip to Legoland in FL.  I picked up some silicon molds for lego minifigures & lego bricks... thinking I could use them for ice, etc.  Well during my pinning frenzy (let's call it staff development) this summer... I found the idea about melting crayons and BAM!  What if I used my silicon molds and made Lego crayons?!?!  I was instantly the coolest mom in my house... and my kidlets @ school thought I was pretty cool, too!

Lastly, Our team does a week on the human body... the kids got to color organs and place them on the 1st grade sized body in the correct places.  The kids worked in small groups to pick the "best" looking organs for their person.  Thanks to my grade level team for supplying the body template...  I also found so many cool ideas on Pinterest to use that week!  What have you seen on Pinterest that you have done in the classroom?  I enjoy being on there for many reasons, but I think I like the teaching ideas the most!  Hope you all have a GREAT week!  C'mon Friday! 

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