Thursday, September 20, 2012

Donors Choose and It's Almost Fall Y'all has transformed my classroom.  In my 10 years+ of teaching... it has been one of my greatest discoveries!  In the last 2 years I have had well over $10,000 of materials donated to my classroom.  Some of the more notable funded projects include: iPad, 3 iPod touches, 4 Kindle Fires, 3 Nook Readers, 1 color printer, pencils, paper, math manipulatives, pencil sharpeners, laminator, book binding machine, gardening containers... and MUCH more!  If you haven't given the non-profit a serious look, right now is definitely the time!  Corporate funding is kicking in (think Sonic, Horace Mann, Chevron, Kia, etc) and many private citizens will be looking to donate money for tax purposes as the year closes.  
It wasn't until a co-worker of mine (she's totally awesome) received her first HUGE box from Lakeshore that I became a believer.  A complete stranger funded her entire project.  We were both so amazed at the random kindness!  Come to find out... it's not that random after all!  There are TONS of people out there looking to support ALL types of projects!   

Here's a picture of my very first DC project materials (September 2010).  I really wanted math manipulatives dealing with money!  It felt like Christmas in September! Since September of 2010... I have had 19 projects funded! {jazz hands}.  What can you dream up?  Anything is possible...  PLEASE let me know if I can help you!  

Anyone else super excited about fall beginning?  South Georgia can be downright sweltering in August/September.  I am so excited about October and all that it brings to our area.  The fair is coming, football is in full swing, Halloween, the pecans will be falling from my trees soon!!!  Yes, I'm a little excited! We are taking our firsties to a local farm in October for their first field trip.  Each child gets to pick a pumpkin... I can't wait to go!  Have you ever been pumpkin picking?

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  1. Thanks for linking up! The Pumpking Picking is adorable! I'm going to use it with my 3rd graders to interview each other and collect data...should be a good time!