Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday... Say It Isn't So!

I'm in mourning.  Serious mourning.  Today is the last day of my winter break.  It was awesome... lots of sleeping in, coffee, family time, Pinterest, reading.  Is it sad that I'm already looking ahead to figure out how many days until spring break?  For those of you who are shooting daggers at the screen... please remember that teachers went back at the end of July so...  we needed this break!
I was so excited to finally finish a few projects this week...  I already told you about the Restaurant Math pack... but I also finished my Super Silly Skills pack.  This will be perfect for activities you may have planned for Read Across America which is coming up Monday, March 3rd (that happened fast, huh?).

I know that my firsties are going to flip for the green egg sight words.  This set has the first 100 for them to practice.  Just print, laminate and cut out.  Kids can flip them over with a spatula (think Dollar Store) or you can give each kid 10 words and have them put them in ABC order.  The possibilities are endless! {There are blank eggs for you to write your own words/spelling words/etc. on)
 I think that they will really like the graphing sheet as well!  My kiddos struggle with determining which equations are true or false so I added a short math center where they sort the equations into fishbowls.  There are also blank fish so you could customize these!
 I hope that you will have a GREAT Sunday... and that your week will go by super fast!  I've got to go finish up lesson plans before the Walking Dead tonight!  {woot!!!}
 One more quick thing...  I almost forgot!  Have you left feedback on all  your recent purchases on TpT?  I realized this morning that I had a bunch that I had forgotten about!  I try to do that once a month so when a sale finally does roll around... I can use my feedback credits to maximize my money.  Not sure how?  Here ya go!
Talk to y'all soon...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Restaurant Math {Serving Up the Common Core}

It's Thursday... which is normally super exciting except I'm on winter break.  So Thursday now signals the end of my time off.  I have really been enjoying my marathons of House Hunters on HGTV, morning coffee, going to the bathroom whenever I want to, etc.  I have been logging in some super quality time with my boys and I think they finally realize the merits of sleeping in!  {Can I get an AMEN?!?!}

Today I finally finished a project that I started a few weeks ago.  I have been limiting my creating time in an effort to being more balanced (my OLW for 2014).  I am excited about this one and the kiddos are going to love it {I used my own children as guinea pigs... I figure they owe me for giving birth to them}!

This set has a few different parts included.  There is a restaurant menu where they can decide on their perfect meal.  Once they've picked, they have to write their order down on a guest check and total it up.  They can draw their meal and write about it as well.

There is also an option {differentiation or group work possibility} for the kids to make their own menu.  There are task cards for the kiddos to solve in centers or small groups.  There are also blank task cards for the kids to create for their classmates to solve/work through.
The possibilities really are endless with this product. To check it out you can click HERE or click on any of the pictures.  Check out the preview on TpT for a more comprehensive look.  I'm giving a few away tonight on my FB page... so you may want to check that out by clicking HERE!!!  
Hope y'all will have a great rest of your Thursday... and that your Friday will kick butt!  Talk to y'all soon!

Monday, February 17, 2014

My February Stitch Fix... Yippee

Happy Monday!  The mail didn't run today because of Presidents Day, but FedEx sure did and they brought me my February Stitch Fix box!  I am one excited girl.  After I sent back my unwanted items from last month's box... I went in and left feedback asking for mostly sleeveless tops in this box and they didn't disappoint.  My logic was that spring weather will be here before long.  South Georgia gets warm FAST!  I can wear these tops now paired with cardigans that I already own as I transition into the 100+ degree weather that we are known for!  Here's what came in this month's box:
For once I actually really liked everything that was in my box and all of it fit!  My favorite was the brown striped top with the lime green detail.  {swoon}  The best part of Stitch Fix is that I filled out a style profile, but I also gave them my Pinterest style board for them to see a better reflection of me.  I like that they send different style tops that I may normally try on at the store...
This afternoon I tried pairing some of the shirts with cardigans and necklaces {I'm on winter break and had extra time... don't judge :) }  Here's what I came up with so far:

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  I think it's the perfect idea for teachers... and for those of us who are moms with limited shopping or "me" time... this is awesome!  They send you 5 items for you to try out... you try everything on at home... keep what you want & send back what you don't want.  There is a $20 styling fee when your box ships, BUT that $20 goes towards anything you purchase in the box!

When you sign up, you fill out a really cool style profile and select how often you would like to receive a box.  You also select a price point for different items. {You can change any of this whenever you like}.  I have received 5 boxes so far... I usually keep 1-2 things in each box.  This box though... I'm fairly certain I will keep it all!  Also... if you keep it all, you receive a 25% discount!

Ready to take the plunge and see what it's all about?  You can start HERE!  I can't wait to hear what you think!  Hope y'all had a great holiday... talk to you soon!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's An After Valentines Sale

Let's call it a "thank God I survived Valentines with little humans" sale for kicks.  Our week was Ca-RaZy...  we had school on Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday and Thursday we were out for ice days.  Then we had school yesterday which was: a full moon, Valentines Day, Jump Rope for Heart, and the last day before our winter break.  Gah!

All that aside... today is my birthday.  I'm pretty stoked that my birthday usually falls during this winter break of ours.  Insert hot cups of coffee, pajamas 'til noon, HGTV, and chilling with my 2 favoritest little humans! ... and with no TpT site sale within site, I have decided to get sassy and throw my own sale!  My whole store is on sale today @ 20% off.
Hope that you will have an amazing weekend and that it goes by super SLOW!  If you're still surrounded by snow... I hope that you will stay warm.  Here it's supposed to be near 70 degrees today!  Welcome to Georgia ... where you can experience 3/4 of the seasons in just one week!  :)  Talk to y'all soon!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Super Sale and Duck Dynasty Fun

Hey guys... hope y'all are having a great Sunday so far.  There is a whole lot going on today!  Some of my bloggy besties and I are throwing a sale over at Teachers Pay Teachers.  My whole store is 20% off today in case you wanted to stock up on anything that is on your wishlist...  or maybe one of my Famous African American Packs.  The sale will be going on all day.  Just click the picture below to check it out!  {Thanks to Surfin' Through Second for the cute button}
It's also Groundhog Day.  I was watching the news this morning and heard the declaration.  Phil saw his shadow... so 6 more weeks of winter!  My kiddos voted on Friday and 15 of those little boogers voted YES, that he would see his shadow... they are gonna be pumped tomorrow!  

Today is also the Super Bowl and I don't have a dog in that race, but I will definitely be watching!  I love the commercials and I plan on doing some shopping on TpT and clearing out my wishlist!  Also, I just realized that I never shared here about my Fact and Opinion Freebie {with QR codes}.  I mentioned it on my FB page, but forgot to do that here.  If you don't "like" my FB page... you can do that HERE so you don't miss anything!!!  

So... if you missed it before, here is the FREEBIE!  I hope your kiddos enjoy it!  {click on the picture}  Lastly, there is a HUGE hop happening today.  I sat this one out, but it is amazing.  It is not a freebie hop... or a hop where people plug products.... just a hop with some AWESOME classroom ideas!  I read through some this morning and my brain is on FIRE!  I can't wait to pick up where I left off a little later this afternoon!  You can start hopping by clicking the cute button below! 
Wow... that was a whole lot of info packed into one post.. that's how I roll! :)  I hope that you guys will have a great Sunday.  I will be posting some more freebies over on FB today... so see you there!  Talk to y'all soon!