Thursday, February 20, 2014

Restaurant Math {Serving Up the Common Core}

It's Thursday... which is normally super exciting except I'm on winter break.  So Thursday now signals the end of my time off.  I have really been enjoying my marathons of House Hunters on HGTV, morning coffee, going to the bathroom whenever I want to, etc.  I have been logging in some super quality time with my boys and I think they finally realize the merits of sleeping in!  {Can I get an AMEN?!?!}

Today I finally finished a project that I started a few weeks ago.  I have been limiting my creating time in an effort to being more balanced (my OLW for 2014).  I am excited about this one and the kiddos are going to love it {I used my own children as guinea pigs... I figure they owe me for giving birth to them}!

This set has a few different parts included.  There is a restaurant menu where they can decide on their perfect meal.  Once they've picked, they have to write their order down on a guest check and total it up.  They can draw their meal and write about it as well.

There is also an option {differentiation or group work possibility} for the kids to make their own menu.  There are task cards for the kiddos to solve in centers or small groups.  There are also blank task cards for the kids to create for their classmates to solve/work through.
The possibilities really are endless with this product. To check it out you can click HERE or click on any of the pictures.  Check out the preview on TpT for a more comprehensive look.  I'm giving a few away tonight on my FB page... so you may want to check that out by clicking HERE!!!  
Hope y'all will have a great rest of your Thursday... and that your Friday will kick butt!  Talk to y'all soon!

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  1. Oh my...wonderful idea. I had my students do something similar in Powerpoint. Thanks for sharing. Smiles and stop by anytime!