Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday... Say It Isn't So!

I'm in mourning.  Serious mourning.  Today is the last day of my winter break.  It was awesome... lots of sleeping in, coffee, family time, Pinterest, reading.  Is it sad that I'm already looking ahead to figure out how many days until spring break?  For those of you who are shooting daggers at the screen... please remember that teachers went back at the end of July so...  we needed this break!
I was so excited to finally finish a few projects this week...  I already told you about the Restaurant Math pack... but I also finished my Super Silly Skills pack.  This will be perfect for activities you may have planned for Read Across America which is coming up Monday, March 3rd (that happened fast, huh?).

I know that my firsties are going to flip for the green egg sight words.  This set has the first 100 for them to practice.  Just print, laminate and cut out.  Kids can flip them over with a spatula (think Dollar Store) or you can give each kid 10 words and have them put them in ABC order.  The possibilities are endless! {There are blank eggs for you to write your own words/spelling words/etc. on)
 I think that they will really like the graphing sheet as well!  My kiddos struggle with determining which equations are true or false so I added a short math center where they sort the equations into fishbowls.  There are also blank fish so you could customize these!
 I hope that you will have a GREAT Sunday... and that your week will go by super fast!  I've got to go finish up lesson plans before the Walking Dead tonight!  {woot!!!}
 One more quick thing...  I almost forgot!  Have you left feedback on all  your recent purchases on TpT?  I realized this morning that I had a bunch that I had forgotten about!  I try to do that once a month so when a sale finally does roll around... I can use my feedback credits to maximize my money.  Not sure how?  Here ya go!
Talk to y'all soon...

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