Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's Currently April ... No Joke!

HoLa, friends!  It's the first day of April... you know what that means!  Me and my bloggy friends race to work on and post their Currentlys hosted by Farley!  I am so stinkin' excited that it's April.  This means the end is near!  Truly near!  Without further ado:

Listening: to "Happy" by Pharrell.  I love the message of this song.  I love the beat.  ......and I love that I can play it in my classroom because it is a clean song!  Yay for a popular classroom friendly song.  They beg for it!!!  We like the Go Noodle version with the minions!  Instant mood shifter! :)

Loving: My new obsession with Plated.  It's a meal service that come delivered to your front door with ALL the ingredients that you need to make a gourmet meal.  I made baked gnocchi last week and was quite proud of myself!  Now I can add that recipe card to the others that I know our family loves!  It is a little pricey so I am only planning on having a few meals delivered every month and using it as a date night at HOME with the hubs after the kidlets are asleep!  It came in an insulated box with ice packs so that everything was super fresh.  Click the pictures to go to their website if you're intrigued and watch their video on how it works!
Thinking: about all my summer plans!  I am a planner, list maker, over-analyzer, list re-writer, schedulin' chick!  I have a master plan for my summer.  It goes by so fast and while I want to have lots of lazy days... I also want to be really purposeful with that time!  Excited about my Vegas trip which will balance fun with my bloggy peeps but also professional development (Hello I Teach 1st Conference)!!!  My week at the beach is paid for and I have started buying Publix gift cards so that grocery buying for that week won't be a stress (9 of us and a babysitter... that's 30 meals a day + snacks= a whole lot of food).  The boys are excited about VBS and other local summer camps.  I am hoping to use the time they are in camps to go to the gym maybe!

Wanting: a Fit Bit ...  I just want one.  Just because.  I really want to keep up with my steps and try to be better about water intake.  I also really like that it tracks your sleep cycle.  I think that would be helpful to show to the doctor... especially since I still don't feel like I sleep well.  Do you have a Fit Bit?  Do you love it?
Needing: the next 8 days of school to FLY by!  We still haven't had spring break... it is falling extremely late this year.  There are only 33 days of school left... when we get back from break... only 25 days....  One of those is field day... another is a field trip.  Let's just call it and start summer now... who is with me?  :)

My Hours & Last Day:  teachers report at 7:15.  The first bell rings at 7:20 and the students can start walking down... but they aren't tardy until 7:50.  Students leave around 2:25 each day and teachers can head home at 3:15 (bwahahaha).  Also, our last day of school this year is May 23rd with students... teachers have one post planning day after Memorial Day... the rest are furlough days.  {sigh}

Oh... I almost forgot... I posted the other day over at Primary Chalkboard about how to use your clip art and TpT purchases into posters for the hallway and bulletin boards.  Won't you stop by and leave me some love???  You can find my post HERE!!!  Hope your week has been great so far!  I will talk to y'all soon!


  1. Stacy, I am so excited you introduced me to 'Plated'! I have to look into it more! What a wonderful idea for my oh-so-busy schedule and to learn new recipes! I love the idea of joining it for a little, since it's pricey, and learning new recipes to add to my repertoire! I also like the Fit Bit, which I was recently introduced to by the woman I babysit for. It has really helped her keep more active and also has provided her children with a healthy learning experience, as they watch their mother stay fit and keep healthy!

    I is for Inspire

  2. Hi Stacy,
    Loved reading your Currently. First of all, I want a Fitbit reallllly bad too! A friend of mine has one and loves it. I think it would motivate me to get out of my chair and walk more.

    The Plated idea sounds very interesting. I don't take the time to cook very well for myself. Maybe having the ingredients delivered to my house might force me to cook once in a while. We have a local coop that has baskets of fruits and veggies delivered to a neighborhood park. You go by on Saturday morning to pick it up. I love it because it forces me to eat healthy, plus it's a lot cheaper that buying the same items at the market. They have these coops in several states, it's called Bountiful

    Are you going to stay in Vegas for the TPT conference after your other conference?
    Thinking about a fitbit has motivated me to get out and walk! Hope you have a great afternoon,

  3. HAPPY is the Kindergarten theme song at our school. We love it! We're going to play it at the final "graduation" program. Smiles, Jayne
    Smart Kids

  4. The mother of a girlie in my daughters dance class was telling me about her new Fit Bit. She said she found out she only gets 2 hours of REM sleep per night!


  5. Hello Stacy,
    I found your super cute blog through the linky. I wish I would have found it sooner and I'm your newest follower!! I was thinking about getting a Fit Bit myself. If you decide to get one, I hope you tell us all about what you think of it!!
    Keep Calm and Love First Grade