Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tough Time With Transitions? There's a Go Noodle For That!

Surely you've heard about GoNoodle by now?  Right?  Oh my goodness... I just found this website a few weeks back and my kiddos BEG for it!  Let's be real for a few minutes {can we?}...  there are 20 days of school left and the kiddos KNOW IT.  The teachers KNOW IT.  My first graders are not doing well... and I have great classroom management if I do say so myself (I do say that! bwhahaha}.  My tricks are getting old and I have even almost lost my cool!   Last week the older grades took the state standardized test and we had to stay in our classrooms ALL morning...  no leaving!  All I'm saying is... we needed some inspiration, some motivation, SOMETHING to rescue them {from me!}.  Enter GoNOODLE!
So, what is GoNoodle exactly?  Glad you asked! ;)  GoNoodle is a FREE {that's right, free} brain break resource for teachers to use in the classroom.  It is open to teachers all across the world.  Their website is a one-stop-shop for brain breaks, offering a variety of activities (dancing, running,
deep breathing, etc.) for anytime of the day.  Research shows that bursts of physical activity help kiddos perform better in the classroom.  I think we all know this...  can you say inside recess?  These small humans need to WIGGLE and MOVE!  
My kiddos are OBSESSED with Happy by Pharrell right now and the GoNoodle version has the minions from Despicable Me.  Oh my goodness! They beg for it!  "Mrs. D, can we PLEASE dance to Happy?"  ... and I'm all like, "Well, maybe if we can get our work done well and our noise is pretty low for the next 15 minutes... I'll think about it!"  Or... as we are coming in from our 930 group trip to the restroom {trust no one at the end of the year to go alone...} I will play it as soon as we come in.  They don't have a chance to get off task and in trouble because they are supposed to be moving and laughing.  
Check out the video of my firsties ROCKING out to Happy on the SMART board.  I wish I had a video of them after the song... they went right to their seats and got busy working and it was amazing!  Be strong friends... the end of the year is in sight.  Be sure to check out GoNoodle today.  I suggest looking around on the site at home.. then introducing it to your kiddos!  
PS...  want to see how my Primary Chalkboard peeps are using Go Noodle?  Click HERE to check it out!  We are giving away a PREMIUM membership... so RUN over and check it out!!!