Monday, April 21, 2014

The Monday After Spring Break Stinks...

No... really it stinks!  Some teachers down the hall decided to dye eggs with the class and the trashcans at the end of the hallway REEK of vinegar!  Bleh!  It also is stinky for other reasons... mainly having to get out of my bed this morning.  I seriously set 2 alarms on my phone, one on my real alarm clock.  Then around 545 I bartered with myself.  It sounded something like this:
Me:  "Your hair isn't that dirty...  set your timer for 15 more minutes."
Me:  "You're totally right...  this is happening."  {sets timer on phone}

Fast forward:  I'm happy to report that I came home and while the hubs took the boys to karate... I got all nice and shiny/squeaky clean.  Monday after a break is HARD,  y'all! 

Did you see this little gem on the Extra Energetic Educator's FB page?  Yeah, I totally fell in love with it and stole borrowed it.  It looks like me, except she's in a skirt... and I don't do skirts. 

In other happy news though... there are only 24 more days of school since today is already done.  That's only 24 more times to wake up to an alarm clock.  I'm kinda excited!  The countdown on my phone tells me that I only have 54 days until my peeps and I leave for a week at the beach.  Woot! 

Countdowns aside... I really did have a great spring break.  A friend and I grabbed our kiddos and headed to the zoo one day, we did pottery painting one day, lots of karate, goldfish cracker eating and SpongeBob marathons.  The boys built some kick butt creations on Minecraft and I made a few things for my classroom and TpT.  We had doctors appointments, dentist appointments, allergy shots, etc.  I really am always genuinely shocked how fast those weeks off go! 

Here's what I posted this week: {any Lulu fans out there?}

This week at school is all about plants and Earth Day.  This is one of those weeks I am super thankful for TpT.  I have never made anything to go with plants or Earth Day.  No problem... just login and do a quick search and VOILA!  I can't even remember what we said was planned for next week, but guess I have the rest of this week to figure that out!  I hope that y'all will have an amazing week... talk to y'all soon!  One more gem for you...  this was me today...  a multiple cup of coffee kinda day!  Can you relate?


  1. All the teachers want to hurt me when we do green eggs and ham and also when we make octopus stew so I'm usually the one they hunt! lol By the way, as time gets closer to the end of school, it's so much harder for me to get up too. Happy teaching

  2. We have been reading Lulu's Mysterious Mission this week. They all want to be spies and have code names. They are hooked on Lulu!