Sunday, March 23, 2014

Clothes and Free Bunnies... Sure!

Going to keep today's bloggy post short.  The pollen and I are not getting along and my vision is kinda blurry...  I'm writing this post while hopped up on Benadryl....  continue reading at your own risk!  :)

I got my 6th Stitch Fix box last Monday and I just realized that I never did post what I got.  I tried everything on that night and hung them up for pictures. I decided to keep everything in the box again.  My husband's spidey sense has been triggered though... and I think I am going to skip an April box!  Every day this week our convo went something like this:

Him "Is that a new shirt?  I like it... where did you...."
Me "Yeah...  kinda new... late for work... gotta go..."

I love that each box comes with style cards to give me ideas on how I could wear each piece... and a special note to me from my stylist.  I'm a sucker for that kinda stuff.  Well played, Stitch fix... well played!  :)

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  If you haven't... you can check them out HERE!  You can choose how often you want to receive a box.  I like that anything that needs to be returned just gets put in the postage paid bag and VOILA!

Ok... you are wondering about the title, right?  Clothes and Free Bunnies...  so I made this freebie bunny craft and listed it on TpT a few weeks ago.  I talked about it on my FB page, but just realized that I never posted it in here.  Du-uh!  My brain can't keep up, y'all!  So.... if you missed it over on the Funky Fresh FB page... here goes:  Just click either of the pictures to take you straight to TpT to download.  Be sure to follow me over there so you don't miss any new products and freebies that I post!

I hope that you've had an amazing weekend.  Hoping to post a few times this week and I will be posting over at the Primary Chalkboard soon!  Talk to y'all soon!

Also... check out a few other people's Stitch Fix "fixes" by clicking Kinder Craze's linky below!  So much FUN!


  1. Just found your blog from a link at Mr. Elementary Math. Love your design and can't wait to read more of your stuff!

    The Math Maniac

  2. I love that striped tank! Darn those nosy husbands. Thanks for linking up!