Saturday, January 11, 2014

8 More Famous African Americans... and My Really Old Firsties

It is SATURDAY!  Can I get an AMEN?  This week was a crazy week.  Seriously... the first part of the week it was 17 degrees!  I don't know if it's ever been 17 degrees since I've lived in south Georgia!  On Monday afternoon my oldest (M1) started vomiting at school.  Tuesday morning I went to wake the kidlets up for school and my youngest (M2) puked everywhere.  Sooooo, we all stayed home Tuesday and cuddled under blankets with ginger ale and trash cans nearby!  As I am sitting here now... it is 70 degrees and our county is  under a tornado watch... one just touched down not that far away.  Cah-razy!

The good news is that in between cleaning the house and cuddling my kidlets on Tuesday, I was finally able to finish my 8 *More* Famous African Americans Pack!  I have been working on this and researching for this pack for a LONG time!  It felt so good to finally finish it!
I already have 1 African American pack that has gotten great feedback over the last year... so I am pumped to have a new one to put out just in time for Black History Month in February.  This one has the same features as the other one, but I also added interactive notebook pages!  Side note:  isn't it crazy that February is only like 2 weeks away?  My smallest human will be 6 on February 1st and that is so tough to comprehend!
highlighting the answers to up the engagement

Also this week in anticipation of the 100th day {ours is this upcoming Thursday}... I took pictures of the kiddos with the Aging Booth app and had them developed at Walgreens (did you know their app lets you send pictures from your phone straight to be developed?  Total #lifesaver)  The kids thought there were a RIOT... and I totally agree!  Check out these cutie patooties!

I had them write on NB paper first... with the prompt "When I am 100 Years Old..."  and some of the things they came up with were hilarious!
{I will babysit kids.  I won't have any teeth.  I will watch NCIS.  I will sew.  I will go into a deep sleep.}  NCIS... who knew?  Once they had their paper with revisions... they were allowed to write on the colored copies {insert gasp and squeals of excitement here!}.
I hung them up in the hallway for everyone to see.  The other kids are definitely stopping by to read... and the teachers are giggling, too!  It really made my week happier.  If you are looking for something like this to do... you can check out my 100th day pack HERE!

I hope that you guys had a great week and that your weekend will be warmer than what many of us experienced earlier in the week!  Hoping you get tons of resting and relaxing in...  or caught up on laundry {ahem}.  I will talk to y'all soon!


  1. This is so ridiculously cute! Thanks for the idea!

  2. OH SO excited for your 8 MORE packet! I LOVE, LOVE your packet you made last year! It will be fun to add some new people into our study in February! I am off to put it in my cart! :)

  3. I love the 100 days activity! What was the name of the aging app you used?

  4. So cute! I just posted on this too and mentioned the aging booth...too funny. Great minds think alike. :o)
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  5. Well I hope I have cute hair too, when I am 100! Too adorable!!

    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  6. Any advice for a low-tech person like me? :-) I love the idea and downloaded the app. I have the pics taken. But how do I get them from my phone to the photo place? I see icons for Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail once I get to each picture. Do I e-mail each picture one-by-one to the photo place?

    1. Hey Lynn... I have found the easiest way for me to develop pictures from my phone is to use my Walgreens app. Do you have a Walgreens nearby? If so, download their app (it's free)... then click the photo icon and select the pictures you want to print... it will send them to the store you are closest to and then you can usually pick them up within the hour! I hope this helps.

    2. Thank you; I will give that a try!