Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ice Cream... Who Doesn't Like Ice Cream?

Ok... I'll admit it... I'm not a huge fan of ice cream!  I'll wait while you let that register!  Hehe!  In high school and college I worked at an ice cream shop and I ate myself stupid on the frozen stuff almost daily. {It's actually where I met the hubs!}   Now I probably have ice cream 1-2 times a year.  My personal kidlets LOVE it (and the hubs, too!).  While school was still in we dedicated a whole week in our classroom to ice cream..... and my firsties were ecstatic.  If you are familiar with Reading A-Z... then you know they have a leveled reader (L) titled How to Make Ice Cream.  It has the list of ingredients and gives specific directions.
We spent all of Friday morning after our reading and spelling tests shaking our bags to make ice cream...  they got to jump around/dance/shake the bags for about 8 minutes. 

After the kids had their fill of shaking... {"My hands are so cold!  Can we eat it now?"}... then we were ready to check out our ice cream!
It was a lot of work... I"m not even gonna lie.  I had back-up though.  One of my co-workers had a student teacher so she came down to give me a hand with measuring, etc.  Here we are mid-process!
We both made several centers to use for the week. Hers were so stinkin' cute!  Check out these links (some are freebies!)  She is so hard working and creative...  be sure to leave her some comment love if you have a minute! 
 I also went shopping on TpT to buy some materials.  I found Amy Lemons Fraction Sundae pack and they turned out awesome!  The kids took their work very seriously... and made all kinds of connections {example... one kid realized that 7/7 was the same as 1 whole... happy teacher moment!}.  Check out our uber-cute bulletin board with the finished products!
When we were done making our sundaes... I had several extra scoops left over... so I had the kids make ice cream cones and write their fractional parts on index cards.  I just made some ice cream cones real quick out of brown construction paper. 
The kids had a blast with every thing we did throughout the week...  they made some great connections... and knowing they were trying to earn ice cream on Friday really made behavior issues non-existent!  EVERYONE wanted to make ice cream!  Have you ever made ice cream with your kidlets?  Hope y'all are having a great Tuesday...


  1. I LOVE ice cream! It's my favorite dessert. These ice cream activities look like scoops of fun! Hehe.

    Compassionate Teacher

  2. Love these activities and I LOVE ice-cream...I could eat it everyday! I have used the A to Z book how to make paper with my kids and they had a blast. Thinking they might have liked this better! I am excited to start following your blog!
    Two Friends In First

  3. Even though you don't like ice cream, I still want to be your friend IRL, Stacy.

    Love ya, girly!
    Growing Firsties

  4. Love the activities!! Angie has raved about you & all your amazing ideas, and this one ranks right up there. Oh, and FYI - I don't eat ice cream either. :(

    First Grade Fairytales