Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Day In the Life

I am linking up SUPER late for the Day in the Life linky over at Second Grade Nest.  I took the pictures in May and never got around to writing the blog post {sigh}... BUT it's summer time... and I'm gonna link up now! :)
 Here is a typical day in pictures mostly...
615am...  almost time to wake up the kidlets
640am... headed out for school
get into the car... it's like herding cats to get everyone buckled and settled
almost to Starbucks... rocking out to XM :)
foggy morning... country road
Can I get an amen?!?!  Coffee!!!  
Pulling up to the school @ 7ish
My hallway
My desk... time to get organized/focused!  

Schools out... happy hour @ Sonic
end of the day...happy face! 
We're home... finally!  
...and my 2nd job begins
Disclaimer: This was a bit different than normal... the hubs and I decided to do date night.  So I fixed the kidlets some Hamburger Helper (don't judge)... and he and I went out for dinner and a Wal-Mart trip {class supplies}.
Supplies to make dirt cake @ school the next day
My fab babysitter stayed and made pudding for our dirt cake! 
I decided to make saltine bark for the grownups since the kids were having treats!  
Retire on the couch to watch Hells Kitchen with the hubs....
We teachers live a fab life, huh?  Haha... definitely not glamorous, but it is my life!  I hope that y'all are having a great Tuesday.  The kiddos and I are headed to the pool in a bit... hoping to beat the rain.  Talk to y'all soon! 


  1. Fantastic start and perfect closure...with many activities during the day that are A+ :)

  2. I love your day! Capturing it in photographs like this is awesome. I can relate to your early morning expression. I don't have kids to wake up yet; but I do not like the early mornings either! :)

  3. Teachers are always on the go! I love that your day begins with coffee and ends with couch time...just like mine!

    Read With Me ABC

  4. Hey girl! Thanks for linking up! I am actually doing another one this Saturday!!! Hope you can do another one with me!

    Second Grade Nest

  5. I looove Sonic Happy Hour. I'm there during the summer. Can you say addicted? WHen I'm bad it's a Dr. Pepper and when I'm trying "to be good" it's Diet Coke with Cherry :-)
    Found your blog through the school supply addict. So glad I did.