Monday, May 12, 2014

May Stitch Fix (#7 If We're Counting)

Hello, Stitch Fix #7 (shhhh, don’t tell the hubs).  I came home today feeling under the weather and saw my box.  I mustered up some energy and tried on all of my tops.  I requested all sleeveless tops again in this box since it’s already in the 90s here in southern Georgia.  You can imagine how hot June, July, and August are. 

Carly was my stylist again and her note made me feel so special…she looks at my Pinterest boards and pays attention to what I like from past boxes.  How cool is that? 

If you haven’t heard about StitchFix before… you HAVE to go NOW and check it out.  It’s the best thing that has happened to my wardrobe in a long time.  Being a teacher already stretches your time thin… but trying to teach, and mom some kiddos, and wife someone… it’s hard business, y’all!  So… you’re telling me someone will hand pick clothes out for me…  send them to my house to try on and all I have to do is check out online & send back anything I don’t like in the mail…. Pre-paid shipping at that!  What, what!!! 

Here are the tops that came in this month’s box: 

I wanted to love all 5 shirts... I really did, but I just didn't this time.  I am picking up the tank top at the bottom because it was amazingly soft and will be perfect paired with a cardigan at work... or lounging at the beach house soon!   It's OK though...  I'll go online and checkout in a bit and the other 4 pieces will get sent back to them tomorrow.  Then I can go ahead and schedule my next box.  Seriously.... if you're up for trying something new... I would highly recommend giving this service a shot and seeing if it's something you might just LOVE.  Click here to fill out your style profile... no risk involved!  
Hope y'all had an amazing Monday.  We only have 9 days of school left... that's 72 hours with kiddos!  This girl is ready for relaxing cups of coffee at home and not feeling pressured to put on real pants {bwahahaha}.  Talk to y'all soon!  


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