Saturday, May 3, 2014

First Graders... With Big Plans

Quick post today...  wanted to share my collage of what my kiddos said they wanted to be when they grow up.  I called them back one at a time so they couldn't hear the other kiddos' answers {as to not sway the results... ahem}.  Then, I cropped them and created a collage on Pic Monkey.  Love that site for editing and collage making.  I make this my desktop background for the last few weeks so the kiddos can see it on the SMART Board.  I also print each kiddos picture on the copy machine (in black and white) to hang up out in the hallway as a simple hallway display these last 3 weeks.
One more quick thing before I go... me and my peeps over at the Primary Chalkboard are giving away 3 $35 TpT gift certificates... but it ends soon!  Be sure to check it out before the big TpT sale coming up!  Click the picture below to head over to the Primary Chalkboard and enter!!!  <3  
Hope that you're having a great weekend so far!  Talk to y'all soon!  

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  1. I LOVE this end of year idea.Thanks for sharing it!