Thursday, December 5, 2013


My kids have some serious wiggles.  I mean... like... dude, are you having a seizure?  Do you need to go to the bathroom?  Are you trying out to be Beyonce's backup dancer?  Yep... some serous wiggle action going on in my first grade classroom {teacher included!}  We get up and do brain breaks... we use the few extra minutes here and there to do Just Dance Kids on the Smart Board...  but they are just a wiggly bunch.  We play Scoot a lot in my classroom... and this week we are working on compound words to go along with our Saxon Phonics lesson...  perfection!  I had my Popsicle Contraction center printed out and laminated.  I armed each kidlet with a clipboard, pencil, and a recording sheet... and we were OFF!
I started out with just 2 colors of popsicles (12 of the blue and 12 of the green) and laid them 1 on each desk.  The kiddos started and I gave them 30 seconds or so at each desk before I would yell, "Scoot!" and they would slide to the next desk.  Once they finished blue and green ... we met on the carpet to quickly review the compound words they made... and made any corrections.  Then I laid out the yellow and orange cards and we scooted (is that a word?) again.  There were 48 total cards... so it took less than 30 minutes.

It was easy for me to rotate and check who had it... and who needed me to scoot with them a few times.  The wiggles were also at bay for awhile...  until the afternoon at least!  Do you play Scoot in your classroom?  What types of things do you do to help keep the wiggles at bay?  Hope y'all are having a great Thursday... only one more day til the weekend!!!  

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