Friday, December 20, 2013

Five For Friday {Christmas Break...Woot}

Chiming in here for the Five for Friday post...  just chillin' on my couch!  That's right... I'm on Christmas break, y'all!  If you're reading this... chances are... you are also on your couch...  enjoying the first few hours of Christmas break!!!  Yesterday was day 90 for us... that's 1/2 way done!!!  It's all downhill from here...
This week was a crazy week.  This is my 12th year but every year it takes me by surprise.  I was driving to work earlier this week and I looked up at the moon and actually thought, "Man... that's a beautiful moon!  OHHHHH NOOOOO... that's a full moon."  .... and the kids didn't disappoint.  Game on little humans...  they have kept me on my toes all week.
 Yesterday was a hard day.  It marked the one year anniversary of the day I found out that Frances didn't have a heartbeat.  I didn't tell anyone that it was the anniversary until later in the day... just needed to get through work.  A co-worker brought this down to me this morning.  Said she had ordered it a long time ago, but for a myriad of reasons... didn't get around to giving it to me until yesterday.  Y'all... that was a God thing!  No other possible theory fits!
My M1 and M2 at karate.  They really love it.  The hubs signed them up and he loves to go watch them practice.  I love having a few quiet minutes after school.  Then I run home, straighten the house, and try to make a plan for dinner....  ahem, a loose plan for dinner!  Let's keep it real...  y'all want Little Caesars for dinner?  Why don't we go get chips and salsa wasted?  Kids... y'all just want a bagel?  
I'm stalking my summer vacation at the beach.  Straight up STALKING!  Love a good countdown app!  We may have booked our 2014 week back in August.  We are READY!  
 Remember above... when I mentioned loose plans for dinner?  Yeah... I actually love reading cookbooks.  Ironic... since I don't actually cook often... {or even that well}.  This lovely book was a gift from our school nurse who also love the Pioneer Woman cookbooks.  Made my week!!!  <3 her!!!
A sweet co-worker came down this week after school.  I had brewed coffee {if you brew it... they WILL come}.  While she was visiting... she asked if I had any thoughts on homemade ornaments.  I asked her if she had ever made the borax ornaments (for lack of a better name).  I quickly described it... told her it definitely works & gave it my seal of approval.  Side note: I used to make these every year when I taught 4th graders.  She took some pictures of her 2nd graders in action & sent them to me. {she's sweet like that}.. 
 So you need some Mason jars... or she used glass beakers.  You also need some pencils, fishing line, pipe cleaners, Borax, and access to boiling water {she used my coffee pot to do this}.

 The best part... you can totally do this one day... let them form overnight... and VOILA!  Great for people on a time crunch!  I've never made these with my personal little humans... but thinking we might give this a go over Christmas break.  I think they would LOVE it!
 Here's an image of one with fully formed crystals.  So pretty... and really fascinating I think.  The recipe and instructions can be found HERE... but there are several others... mostly all saying the same thing though!
I hope that you are reading this... relaxing at home... enjoying the first few hours of your break.  Hoping to blog more this week since I can actually have a few coherent thoughts!  Talk to y'all soon!  

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