Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week '13: Let's Talk About Me Monday

I'm linking up with Blog Hopin' for Teacher Week '13 today...  and today is Meet the Teacher Day... yippee!  So... 10 things you don't know about me?  This could get interesting! :)  In no certain order... and I'm diggin' deep to try to come up with stuff y'all might not already know!
1)  I went into labor with my 2nd kidlet {M2} at school.  Yep, water broke AT school.  I was teaching a lesson on graphing.  I would go by and tap one of my 4th graders every time I had a contraction and she would write down the time.  When they went to specials (I still have this list of times) @845, I called the dr office... our bookkeeper had to drive me... and I was almost 8cm when I got there!

2)  During my hospital stay mentioned above I contracted MRSA and without being too dramatic... I kinda almost died.  There... I said it.  I had to have emergency surgery and a very lengthy hospital stay.  I had M2 on February 1st... I came home for good from the hospital on February 15th (my bday).   Here's a picture of the 2 of us a few weeks after I got to come home!  (his rolls had rolls...  man, I love chunky babies!)

3)  I love almost any and all rap and r&b music from the 90s.  I can sing along almost instantly when the music comes on.  I like to go on solo grocery trips after my boys are in the bed so that I can blast my old school music.  LOVE: Boyz II Men, Jodeci, LL Cool J, Will Smith, Mary J. Blige, Vanilla Ice, Beastie Boys... I could go on and on FOREVER!!!

4)I managed an ice cream/sandwich shop in college which is where I met the hubs.  I had worked there since high school.  He was going to be our new food service guy.  He walked in and I thought he was cute... but thought he was old.  He thought I was cute, but too young.  Two of the ladies at worked hooked us up on a date and told each of us that the other person was very interested.... So... we sat on our first date thinking that the other person was smitten...bwahaha!  We ate Mexican... and it was the first time I had ever had Mexican food!  Can you believe it?  This picture was taken not long after we got married... and that was a LONG time ago.  Man... I wish I could look like that again!  This was at Joe's Stone Crab in Miami (nom nom nom)
5)  I don't really like chocolate.  Every once in awhile I will grab a Hershey's kiss... but as a general rule... I could have jars of chocolate in my classroom and it would go untouched by me.  

6)  I have 2 pecan trees in my backyard... and I am obsessed with them.  In fact... come October/November... I come home from school and head straight outside to start picking up the pecans that have fallen that day.  I am always in charge of the sweet potato souffle @ Thanksgiving dinner... and it makes me stupidly giddy to know that I am using my OWN pecans.  I don't know why... don't judge me!  

7)  I love anything with anchors.  It is a reminder of my faith.  This year REALLY rocked my life.  When I delivered Frances... I went through a hard time dealing with uncontrollable anger at God.  In fact... I would say that the anger was actually directed at everything and anything.  It all still doesn't make sense, but I am happy to say that the uncontrollable anger is gone... I don't know what God's plan is for our family's future.  I don't know if we'll have more children.... but I do feel more equipped to help other women who are experiencing the same loss/grief!
8)  I was born in east TN to VERY young teenage parents *my mom was 15 when she got pregnant.  My parents got married a few months before I was born.  My dad joined the army and was at basic training when I was born.  I grew up as an army brat... I lived in Germany for 8 years.  I also lived in Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Colorado, and South Carolina!  Here's a picture I snapped on a recent trip to visit family.

9)  So... if you've been a reader for awhile... you know that I am allergic to guinea pigs {poor Lulu} and you saw THOSE pictures... so tragic!!!  BUT... I am also allergic to: grass, weeds, mold, pollen, trees, citric acid, shrimp, pork, soy... and countless other things.  I like to think I'm offering entertainment for my family!  Well, I love the taste of watermelon, but of course... ALLERGIC.  Every summer I try some... just in the hopes that maybe I've outgrown the allergy.  This was after my last try... whatcha think?

10)  I love BINGO... not even gonna lie.  They have bingo here in our town on Tuesday nights.... I haven't gotten to go in quite some time.... BUT I LOVE IT!!!  Again, don't judge me!

I can't wait to hear more about you... if you're a blogger be sure to link up!  Did I include anything that surprised you?  Hope y'all had an awesome Monday... how much longer until the weekend?  Talk to y'all soon!


  1. You know how much I love you! I am seriously allergic to any and all things...I need my own portable oxygen machine during the spring because my face blows up like a blow up doll!

    Anyhoo I love your spirit and the anchor

  2. Too funny! I also not a big chocolate fan! And you are the only other person I know who is allergic to pork, both my girls and myself have allergies! Somedays it gets hard to remember them all!

  3. Hmmmm...10 things (the short eyes are crossing)

    1. I love to take pictures and make cards out of them.

    2. Alaska is my "happy place" and I love to fish.

    3. Tim Gleason from the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team is my boyfriend,,,yes my husband knows.

    4. I was born in upstate NY, went to college in NC, and now live in GA.

    5. My brother was born on my birthday.

    6. I LOVE BINGO TOO....let's go!

    7. I dislike feeding my family on a daily basis...nothing is ever right. Try something new...ewwww. Try something old.....didn't we just have this. some cereal then!! ugh! I like to feed crowds of people instead.

    8. I sing.

    9. I's my therapy. White girl has some rythem too...jus sayin.

    10. I want a top...wind..sun....ahhhhhh Do you think Mr Hill would excuse the crazy hair and bugs in my teeth??

  4. I wish I had pecan trees. My husband makes the best pecan pies for Thanksgiving. I'm not sure about #5. Every now and then, chocolate makes a long day just a little better.

  5. I contracted MRSA at Pismo Beach. I cut my leg shaving and got an infection from the sane. I too almost died. Then almost lost my leg! Thank you for sharing. I still have PTSD from that whole experience!

  6. And this is why I hide my chocolate there! :) Unfortunately.... someone eats most of it before it can get to your classroom to hide.... hmmmmm. :)