Friday, August 30, 2013

An Apple a Day...

This week we studies TALL tales...  A whole lotta John Henry, Johnny Appleseed, Annie Oakley, etc.  We had lots of writing opportunities, videos on You Tube, reading short stories... you get the point.  For my kiddos I think that eating apples Johnny Appleseed style and graphing our favorites was the highlight of the week for sure.

I gave each kidlet a few slices of red and a few slices of green and didn't give ANY directions other than "EAT!!!"... I walked around and snapped a few pictures and heard them saying "juicy" "sweet" "sour"... lots of great describing words and my teacher heart swelled with pride!  :)  When they were done I called each kiddo up one at a time and whispered, "Which one did you like the best?  Red or green?"  They were so excited to tell me their choice and they whispered quietly in my ear and I noted their response.  I have discovered I get better results if I ask them to whisper vote.  Firsties are easily swayed by their peers... and if one of the cool kids said red... well, let's just say the other 21 would probably follow suit.
We met on the carpet and tallied our results:
A tie!?!!?!  Who knew?!?!?!  
Each kiddo tallied the results on their page, graphed the results, and answered questions to check their understanding.  Once we were done... we Clorox wiped our desks {ain't nobody got time for sticky apple desks!}... then headed back to the carpet to watch Disney's American Legends movie....  kidlet heaven!  
If you need Johnny Appleseed resources... check out my mini-pack on TpT.  The graphing activity is in there as well as math and grammar sheets.  One of my favorites is a writing activity asking the kiddos to write the "Best Apple Pie Recipe EVER"...  click below for the link!  
I hope that y'all had a great week with your kiddos... but more importantly... that you will enjoy the LONG weekend!  No Sunday blues for us!!!  Woot!  Talk to y'all soon!  


  1. LOVE this!! We are starting Johnny Appleseed on Tuesday, and of course following up with the others as we go. My kiddos always love this unit. So glad we've stuck with GPS for social studies :) Where did you find the Disney movie??

    Thanks for sharing!
    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Hey Kelly.. hope you're having a fab weekend so far. Our school actually owns the DVD, but I found it on You Tube so that I could show it on the SMART Board! Just search "Disney American Legends" and it should come right up! Hope this helps!