Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rock My World Fo' Sho'

You know how sometimes it's the small things that bring you the most joy?  Well, I have found a small thing to use at school that rocks my world!  Check this baby out from Classroom Friendly Supplies.  I was lucky enough to be chosen to review one of their pencil sharpeners and it did NOT disappoint.

I am on my 3rd electronic pencil sharpener and it’s only mid-February.  The first 2 casualties were due to natural causes {I think… still waiting on the autopsy results}.  Enter Sparky… {yes, I named my pencil sharpener… don’t judge}.  This pencil sharpener is available at Classroom Friendly Supplies.  You can see all they have to offer here.  I love that the company was started by a teacher… it is so nice to see teachers creating products and materials for other teachers based on classroom experiences, right?!?! 
So the test for all pencil sharpeners is those dang pencils that the kids love.  You know the ones… covered in that plastic-ish film; the film that will clog up your electronic pencil sharpeners and make you want to say possible ugly words in your head.  Those pencils never seem to want to sharpen fully.  I sometimes think the pencils are taunting me, but that could just be me!  I almost always use the Ticonderoga pencils in my room because they ALWAYS come through.  They are faithful and don’t disappoint.  I decided to put Sparky to the test right away.  She sharpened the Ticonderoga with ease {but again, that wasn’t hard!}.  I then found one of those obnoxious plastic covered pencils… this would be the TRUE test.  I sharpened and to my delight… it sharpened perfectly!  Check out this picture as proof! 
If you are in the market for a new classroom sharpener, you really need to try out the super cool ones at Classroom Friendly Supplies!  I obviously am in love with mine.  It’s red, spunky, and super effective… oh, and quiet.  This ain’t yo momma’s pencil sharpener! Thanks to Classroom Friendly Supplies for letting me do this review.  This was the easiest product review EVER!!! 
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  1. OMG-I will not use any other brand besides Ticonderoga because you'll sharpen and sharpen forever and one side always has the wood part on it. My electric pencil sharpener won't die. I HAVE to check out this pencil sharpener

    Rowdy in First Grade