Tuesday, February 19, 2013

{Day 4} Guest Blogger Series

Hey everyone.  I promise I am still around.  I have been so busy with work and home "stuff" that my blog has kinda taken a backseat for a bit.  I must confess that I am counting down the days until summer break and secretly hoping that the warmer weather will help snap me out of this funk I have been in.  I obviously am aware that there are greater causes of this funk besides the weather... but I am ready to start feeling like myself again.  In the meantime... I am still super pumped to have guest bloggers.  Please welcome my friend Tara and her guest post for today.  I am lucky to also know Tara in real life {not just bloggy friends}.  Talk to y'all soon!    

Hey all! I'm Tara from ...and they all fall down...
I currently teach ESOL pull-out, but I've been in the classroom for ten years. 

I wanted to blog about something I did last year in my classroom to encourage positive behavior choices without feeling like I was bribing my students with 'things'. I'm really big into positive praise with my kiddos - I have seen amazing changes in children - just for a kind word, a moment of praise, knowledge that they have been seen doing something right. 
{Especially the kids I teach - Title I school, 75% free or reduced lunch.}

My behavior chart looks like this: 
We had a western theme last year - so everything went with the theme - but you can do this anyway you wish! Most behavior charts end on green.... that's great - but what about those kids that are ALWAYS doing the right thing? OR those kids that struggle with behavior, but really want to do the right thing??? I added more colors... {I'm a softie}

These are car door magnets from vista - I just ordered a solid color and added a text box at the top. 

Another difference with my chart - the kids can move up and down. {Three strikes and you're out... three praises and you're up} I want to show them that by trying hard, you can correct mistakes - even if it's behavior... I don't let them move very far up if the had a major behavior infraction. BUT - If they were blurting, out of their seat, talking....yada, yada, yada....
{all those little - annoying - typical things that littles do...}

I'm more than happy to have them move up from yellow to green if they can get themselves under control. In the end - I want these children to understand that they have control over themselves, they make choices... good or bad.... they make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes - are they strong enough to fix them? That is where our character education comes in...

Quick test - as your kids line up to go to specials, recess, or lunch tomorrow....
Praise two or three -
 "I love the way you are standing and keeping your arms to yourself."
"Wow - __________ really knows what I want! Great job!"
"Look at _________, she's SO quiet! That's great!"

(those kids who don't get called out for something good, will start looking around at those who are - to see what they are doing...) 
IMHO - It's so much nicer to hear a teacher praising her children, than fussing at them. 
I know many teachers use behavior boards like this - what other suggestions do you have? 
Thanks for reading! Come by and visit me!


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