Sunday, December 13, 2015

Glass Etching and Stitch Fix ... Perfect Gifts!

I posted about glass etching casserole dishes on my Instagram page a few weeks ago and many people asked for a quick tutorial.
Doing the casserole dishes is my go-to gift... it's simple, practical, inexpensive, and thoughtful.  I usually throw a sheet of tissue paper in the bottom, toss in a box of brownie mix, and tie it up with a ribbon.  VOILA!  You do need some type of Silhouette or Cricut machine to make a stencil... unless you are just REALLY amazing at drawing and cutting precisely by hand.
1)  In my Silhouette software I type the last name that I need and usually change the font to some cute KG font.  The ones pictured are KG Lego House.  I usually make the name about 1.5 inches high and usually no more than 6-7 inches long (this depends on the size casserole dish you are etching).

2)  I send the file to be cut out on the Silhouette.  
3)  I peel out the "inside" of the name... leaving the rest of the vinyl behind... This creates a stencil.
4)  Using transfer paper, I position the vinyl onto the casserole dish and carefully remove the transfer paper.....  and smooth all pieces down to make sure nothing is lifting, etc.
5)  I use a sponge/foam brush to dab etching cream all over.  I don't actually rub the brush or swipe because I don't want it to lift the vinyl... so DAB it is!
6)  I ask Siri to set a timer for 10 minutes and sit patiently start the dishwasher, run to the bathroom, start the laundry, start dinner, etc.
7)  After 10 minutes, I take the dish to the sink and rinse off the etching cream and do a quick rinse with soap and then I take off the vinyl... dry my dish and think about how awesome I am.
I'm included a pic of the etching cream that I use.  I've read about other etching creams, but have never used those.  This bottle I bought from Amazon, but I'm sure they probably sell it in stores, too!  I'm just a sucker for free shipping and ease!  You do need to be very careful with the cream as it can burn your skin and will etch surfaces VERY quickly.  This is not a project that you want to rush through.

While I have you here, I wanted to share my latest luck with Stitch Fix.  I was really pumped to get my last box after taking some time off.  If you follow me on IG then you know that I have lost over 60 lbs this year {compliments of divorce/anxiety/stress}... and clothes just haven't fit right and I haven't really been interested in buying or even trying new clothes.  I was pleasantly surprised by my last box and kept 2 of the tops.  They are more form fitting than I normally wear, but sometimes it's good to branch out, right?  These are perfect for date night I think.
Did you know that you can buy your friends and family Stitch Fix gift cards?  I didn't know either, but I think it's the perfect gift for a busy mom or even as a teacher gift.  My next "fix" is scheduled for February and I'm so excited.  I know that I will have had time to recover financially and physically from the holidays by then!  {click the pic to head to their site}
So, there you have it... 2 easy gift ideas this Christmas season.  Time to get busy etching some glass or snag up some Stitch Fix gift cards for those hard to buy for peeps on your list.  I hope that y'all will have an amazing last week before break!  Talk to y'all soon!