Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Chalk... All the Chalk

Anyone who knows me would say that a good quote is the way to my heart.  I love words.  Words are powerful.  I love to put words on just about anything.  My QUOTABLE board on Pinterest is probably my favorite board.  I just love words, y'all!

I also love things that are whimsical and quirky.  Enter the perfect recipe...  my desire for words and CHALKOLA markers.  This girl is in word heaven!  Chalkola wet erase markers are VIBRANT& BRIGHT- 

Use them on Mason jars, ceramic jars, or DIY projects, Perfect for leaving personal notes on mirrors & calendars...even on chalkboard stickers, chalkboard contact paper, tile, metal, plastic, glass doors,   

Check out some of the projects I've tried with the markers so far:  

 I loved the smoothness of the chalk markers and the colors were super bright...not muted and that was exactly what I was looking for.  I tried the bullet tip markers (swoon), but they also have a HUGE 15mm nib with a rectangular tip which was great for really large projects or lettering that you can check out HERE.  Today I am hoping to use them to add some lettering on a spray painted globe... I think the possibilities are endless.  If you want to see the finished product, be sure to follow me on Instagram HERE or the Funky Fresh Firsties FB page HERE!

Interested in snagging some markers of your own?  The kind people over at Chalkola are offering you 20% of orders over at AMAZON.
Use code: CHALK20A

I hope that you and your families will have an amazing Thanksgiving... safe, warm, and full of many blessings.  If you do a chalk project, please send me a picture through FB or tag me (@stacyrena) so that I can see!  I love finding inspiration from you guys!  Talk to y'all soon!  


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