Monday, February 23, 2015

Teachers are Heroes... DUH!

Y'all know I love a good sale... heck, any kinda sale, BUT the TpT ones are some of my favorites!  I always look over my wishlist in preparation and make sure that I have left feedback for all of my purchases so that I can maximize my savings.  The TpT sale is happening THIS Wednesday, February 25th!  If you enter promo code HEROES you can save up to 28% off most peeps' stores!  I am filling my cart with tons of clip art for new projects and font licenses!

So... what's new in my store?  Glad you asked!  :)  I had last week off (don't throw tomatoes at me) and I was able to finish 2 projects that had been tabled for the last few month due to my divorce.  It felt SO good to sit and create things for a change... and I'm so excited about these 2 new packs!

First up... Under the Sea Non-Fiction Passages for Curious Learners: 9 Non fiction passages, KWL charts, comprehension questions (2 per page to save ink)... and posters of each animal!  My kiddos are enamored with sea life and this is going to be a HIT!    {click the picture to take you  the store link)

The 2nd Pack is George vs. George {A Revolutionary Match Up} which is perfect for 4th and 5th graders.  In this unit you will find:
1) Several graphic organizers for King George III and George Washington,
2) A Venn Diagram with optional tags to paste.
3) 3 non-fiction passages 
4) 1 texting activity (students need to craft a reply text to King George III and a reply text to George Washington)
5) Comprehension questions for the "Why You Taxing Us, Dude" passage! 
I hope that you will score some AMAZING deals during the sale... and that the rest of your week will be AMAZING!  Remember that you can connect with me on FB HERE... and on Instagram HERE!  I'm so much better at updating those vs. blogging these days!  Talk to y'all soon!

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