Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oh Snap... It's Currently OCTOBER {and also HUMP DAY!}

Surely I can't be the only one who LOVES the Geico camel hump day commercial.  I maybe watch every Wednesday with my class.  My own personal kidlets also love it!  Ok... let's be REAL...  I feel like I have developed adult ADHD since school has started.  Some days I am honestly impressed that I even get all of us to school, in clothes, bathed and back in bed.  All the stuff that happens in the middle just seems like a blur.  I mean... HOW the heck is it already October?  That being said... please indulge me on this ADHD ride!  This post is going to slightly random, but showcasing LOTS of different things including a MASSIVE amount of giveaways and prizes.  First thing first... I'm linking up with Farley for this month's currently!
Listening: the the kiddos laughing while watching Cartoon Network.  Our school day is over, their homework is done... I have signed their planners, checked their papers, etc.  No soccer today {and the congregation says AMEN!}.

Loving: that we are on fall break next week.  That's right... we have been in school almost 50 days and we have NO school all next week.  I don't even have plans, but I am excited about the prospect of laying around in my pajamas, scouring Pinterest, eating late breakfast, grocery shopping leisurely... you get the point!  It's still warm enough here that we might even head to the beach for the day...

Thinking: that adult life sure is complicated.  I think I've been watching too much news.  It is hard to find a balance between knowing what's going on with the world and our country... and just needing to turn it off.... and tune out!  My life feels very complicated recently... hoping to slow down and regroup next week!

Wanting:  a laundry clone.  It isn't even that we have a crazy amount of laundry... it's just that it never feels DONE!  Soccer 3x a week means constant stinky socks {bleh}.  I don't even mind washing and drying the clothes, but MAN... I hate putting the laundry away.  Anyone else struggle with that last part?

Needing: to refill my stash of candy corn.  I sure do love this candy.  A lot of people don't really care for it.... and I don't eat it any other time of the year, but it screams OCTOBER to me!  Do you love it or hate it?

Treat:  I just discovered Stitch Fix and I am in love.  I will certainly have to do a blog post about it soon, but in the meantime... If you're in the market for some clothes to come straight to your door... that are handpicked for YOU... then check them out HERE!  Here's some of what came in my Stitch Fix box this month!  Eeeek!  :)
OK... so are you ready for the ADHD part and all the giveaways, etc. that I mentioned?  Me, too!  First up... I am so excited to be a part of the MONSTERous giveaway over at the Primary Chalkboard.  Seriously... there is a 1st grade bundle, a 2nd grade bundle, a fire safety bundle... then clipart, pencil sharpeners, and a bag that is to DIE for.  Oh... and a chair pocket and BUNTING!  Who doesn't love bunting?  Right?
Seriously... isn't it GORGEOUS?  I'm jealous {in advance} of whoever wins this tote!!!   from Ooh Baby Designs.  Check out all the cool stuff she has in her Etsy store.

I am also teaming up with Tara (my real life friend) over at ...and they all fall down to do a fall giveaway.  We are both donating fall products and including a $20 Starbucks card ... perfect for filling up with Pumpkin Spice Lattes (we both indulge often... notice the coffee in our hands below in the rafflecopter?!?!  Tara is giving away these 2 products:

and... from me:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Last, but not least... have you checked out the 1st grade Educents deal going on?  It is 18 different products made just for firsties (or advanced kinders... or struggling 2nd graders).  The whole bundle is only $24.99... but it ends soon {Friday night} so don't delay... Check it out HERE... or click the picture!!!
Thanks for going along with me on my ADHD adventure.  I hope that you will have an evening of fun checking out all the links and giveaways... and good luck!  I hope one of my readers will be lucky enough to win that bag {did I mention how jealous I am already?}  Talk to y'all soon!


  1. I do not enjoy candy corn but I DO enjoy your blog. I hope you have an extra enjoyable fall break.

  2. Popped over to visit you from the linky and am your newest follower. :)

    I lived in Canada all of last year and never thought to try candy corn... we don't get it here in Australia so I guess I've missed my chance!

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  3. Oh do you know the damage we could do if we cloned the two of us?! Laundry, dusting, mopping wouldn't stand a chance! Then maybe there would be some time to actually enjoy life for a change.

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade