Sunday, October 13, 2013

A TpT Flash Sale.... Who Knew?

Hey, y'all!  Yesterday Teachers Pay Teachers hit 100,000 likes on Facebook and to celebrate... they announced a flash sale.  If you use code FB100K then you will save 10%.... but that's not all... a ton of TpT sellers are also throwing a sale to maximize the savings.  I am excited about shopping from my wishlist!!!
My fall break is coming to an end today...  gotta remember to set my alarm for tomorrow morning {weeping}.  It was a good break though...  lots of fun with my own kidlets!  When they went down for the night... I got busy creating for my class and also uploaded some things to TpT.  Check out what I've been up to below!
Let's Talk Turkey has 3 informational passages (1 for Native Americans, 1 for Pilgrims, and 1 Thanksgiving Then and Now)... each passage has comprehension questions.  There are also graphic organizers and themed writing papers.
I may possibly have recruited my own personal 2nd grader to try it out... just for quality assurance!  Hey... the kids around here have to earn their keep, right?
I also added a bat craft freebie...  The kids and I also had fun making these...  Click the picture to head to my TpT store and download it for free.  Be sure to follow my store so that you can catch on the freebies coming up over the next few holidays!
Last, but not least... my Elf Graphtivity... the best chance to combine math, writing, and art!  Click the picture below to check it out!
One of my friends gave it to her daughter to try out... she made this elf and attached it to her Christmas list and stuck it to the fridge!  What a thoughtful kid.... bwahaha!
I hope that y'all have had a great weekend... and that today will go by super slowly.  I have already counted how many school days until our week off at Thanksgiving...  it is still really crazy that we're already 1/2 way thru October!  Seriously...  I am already buying Christmas presents!  Holy wrapping paper, Batman!  I digress...  be sure to check out the sale today on TpT... and I'll talk to y'all soon!


  1. Loving your informational text pack. Heading to TPT right now! And I also hope today goes by super slowly....and that the Seahawks win! LOL
    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. oh wow.... that elf looks familiar! :) g1 is going to <3 it! :) She had such a great time with that... and wouldn't you know... the list keeps getting longer, and longer, and longer.... thanks friend!