Friday, May 10, 2013

Five For Friday {Fab Randomness}

Linking up with Doodlebugs... man, I love Fridays!  
 I always look through the pictures on my iPhone when trying to decide what to share on Fridays... and this week was pretty flippin' random...  We now have only 10 days of school left...  Not that I'm counting {ahem, that's 80 hours}.

1) I had a hair appointment on Tuesday.  Goodbye roots.  My hair actually grows really slow, but I've been having heavier highlights lately... so unless I want to look like crazy Britney Spears {not the original/normal Britney}... I have to go see my hairdresser regularly :)  Here's me sitting under the dryer with my foils...  it's a good look for me, right?  I also bought these hair ties... I am so in love with these things.  I {might} have approximately 5,698 of them already!

2) On Sunday the hubs, M1, M2, and I took off to spend the day in Savannah.  We walked on River Street to look @ the big ships and shop from all the vendors, had lunch @ one of the hubs accounts... we picked a super fab Mexican restaurant since it was Cinco de Mayo.  I stopped into one of the candy kitchens for some really fresh pralines... and then we perused the aisles of Target.  Our anniversary was Monday and we wanted to spend the day with our kidlets to celebrate.  11 years... still sounds so strange!    Man, time flies when you get older!

 3)   My dog turned 10 this week.  His name is Foreman.  He is old.  He sleeps a lot.  He lives a very good life.  He eats better than I did when I was in college. #entitleddoggy
4) The very sweet teacher across the hall (yes, the young one who dresses so fabulously) brought these to me on Monday.  She said... I know that May is going to be hard for you and that this Mother's Day is going to be hard... so these are for you!  They are SO very beautiful.  I have kept it in my classroom all week... to be a reminder that I am loved.... and I can do this!  Thanks, Meagan! 
5) I was looking up ideas online this week... and found this really cool website where kids can create fake text messages.  OMG... the possibilities are ENDLESS!  For instance, I made this text message from George Washington to King George III (think Revolutionary War)...  you could have book characters "talk" to each other... or have kids pretend to have convos with historical figures, etc.!
I hope that you all had a fab week... and that your weekend will be A-mah-Zing!  Talk to y'all soon! 


  1. Beautiful flowers from your coworker! That website might be the coolest thing I've seen in a while! Thanks for sharing :)
    Fun in Room 4B

  2. I'm a new follower, pretty flowers!! Love the text idea!!! Have to check that out!

  3. Hey Stacy!

    I almost spit my coffee out reading & thinking about "crazy Britney Spears"! Thanks for the chuckle! My next appointment is during the last week of school- I can't wait! We have 9 days left...I am SOOOO excited!

    I've always wanted to visit Georgia! Sounds so beautiful! There's a part of me that definitely wants to be a Southern girl!

    My dog is getting on in years, too! Your're right, they do live better than us! He'll always be my first baby! :)

    Your teacher-neighbor is so sweet! Sending good thoughts & saying a prayer. You are so loved!

    Happy almost-summer vacation!

    First Grade Follies

  4. I am SO jealous that you have 10 days left! 32 for us! :(

    Primary Buzz