Monday, April 22, 2013

Keepin' It Real

I have been very honest about my struggle the last few months...  I try to make sure that my blog is a mix of teaching ideas, but enough real life, too!  Do you ever look at blogs/FB/etc. and think that your classroom just isn't cutting it?  Ever look at people's pictures and wonder if your kiddos are the only ones acting like turds?!?!  I want my blog to be a place where I can be honest and be REAL!

The real deal is that there are stacks of papers laying around my room... waiting to be graded and filed.  I have at least 2-3 loads of laundry that need to be done.  I haven't mopped my floors in over a week.   My kids ate mac and cheese for dinner and I had a pack of peanut butter crackers. 
I feel very overwhelmed as soon as I walk into the school building... and very thankful each day when bedtime comes. 

Losing my daughter and knowing that she was supposed to be here next month makes each day leading up extremely hard.  There are moments during each day that I feel completely paralyzed by my thoughts... truly unable to move or speak.  I am surrounded by people who want to help me... I just don't know what I need {does that even make sense?}

I always appreciate people's honesty in real life or on Facebook, blogs, etc.  People who will say, "The dinner I made tonight sucked!" or "My kids are really being turds today!"  I think it helps to know that other women {and men} are out there doing this working mom thing... and dealing with real life stuff... and making it work!  So here's to us... the multi-taskers! 

If you're struggling... please know that you are not alone!


  1. Oh my gosh, I feel you! Trust me, my kids are turds! I am treading water this year. I have taught K most of my teaching career and got placed in 1st this year, and it has been really hard. It's not rainbows and butterflies in my room either - I've got stacks of papers that have traveled back and forth for the last two weeks! :/ Happy thoughts are with you!

    Primary Buzz

  2. Oh Stacy, I have had you on my mind & certainly hope you know you are in a lot of thoughts and prayers. And, for the record, you are a rockstar right now. I don't even have children and I have piles of laundry calling my name, I had cheerios for supper, and I would be embarrassed if anyone knocked on my door right now. Oh, and turds would perfectly describe some of my firsties today. haha!! Keep going, girl...

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. I love that you are "keepin it real!" You are so not alone. I look at other blogs and think, "This can't be real." I have the same problems as you but, you are further along than me. I just mopped my floor for the first time in almost a month yesterday, I know, GROSS. And I have a mountain of laundry. I'm so sorry for your loss and hope you find yourself back to yourself (as much as possible) very soon. Oh and I just laughed out loud at the thought of my little "turds." You've got a knack for saying exactly what I am always thinking, so thanks for that.
    First Grade Hugs and High Fives

  4. I loved your post today - it led me to look around your amazing blog. You are amazing!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much for the info on Donors Choose. I have been wanting to write a project, but have been afraid to stick my feet in the water. It takes me 4 days or more to write one blog post:( My poor desk I rarely see it. Every time I manage to get to the wood another pile miraculously appears. Hang tough. We are all in this wonderful, frustrating, rewarding and hair pulling profession together. Wishing you happy days, healing and peace. PS the laundry, cleaning and grading can wait:)
    First Grade Carousel

  5. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you!!! I look on blog world sometimes and I feel like I am slacking. Like I need to be doing more and I just plain overwhelm myself. I love the blog world but I wish more people would keep it real. We don't all have the perfect little life and the perfect classroom. Lately I have been feeling like such a mess because I literally have 2 piles of papers to grade and they just keep getting bigger. At home my laundry is done but nothing is folded (hey at least my kiddos got clean clothes right, even if I have to dig them out! Ha!) My prayers are with you! I know you are going through a tough time right now but just remember that all the other stuff can wait you need time for yourself. Just know that you are not alone in the frustration or the craziness.
    First Grade A to Z

  6. I totally understand what you mean! Life is crazy and we can't do it all. We've just got to do our best to make families happy and to make ourselves happy...sometimes we forget about ourselves!

    MrsMc from Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

  7. Girl you know I'm right there with you!! AND I made you a Greater Gator game for your little gator clips since you couldn't find the hippos!! I put it up for free on my site, but since I love ya so much I printed a copy for you already!! See ya tomorrow!

  8. Thank you for your honesty Stacy. I'm sorry about your daughter (hugs and prayers). It's so good to know that you have a great support network and its totally normal to not be able to articulate what you need (I'm not even sure others can really help you there right?). You sound like you are doing all that you can (and then some) and are perfectly, wonderfully human. You are awesome! :-)


  9. Sister, you have my permission to not be perfect. I love you, laundry, ungraded papers, the whole "real deal".