Tuesday, March 5, 2013

QR Codes, Adam Levine, and the Pioneer Woman

Well that's one intriguing title, right?  Not a whole lot weaving all those things together... just kinda what popped into my mind.  My newest product uses QR codes and I'm super pumped about it {not even gon' lie}.  I have been using QR codes on my newsletters and for posters outside the classroom, but this is the first time I have created them with the sole reasoning being for STUDENTS using them.  The center comes in the regular version, too... if you you're just not ready to jump in quite yet!  OK... so how does the center work?  Glad you asked...  walk with me.

You cut out all of the cards (they are separated into rounding to nearest 10, nearest 100, and nearest 1000).  Each child also gets a recording sheet.  They write their answers on their recording sheet and using an iPod or other smart device with the laser app... they scan the QR code and the correct answer is displayed on the screen.  I have the RED LASER app downloaded onto the iPods I have in my classroom.  The kids love using technology and I love that they can get instant feedback.  Interested?  You can find it HERE! 
 Have you seen this picture on Pinterest lately?  A co-worker shared it with me and every time I see it... I almost snort Pepsi through my nose.  I have saved it on my phone and go find it when I need a laugh.  If you haven't heard of Sweet Brown... google her and this will make more sense! :)
 The school nurse (love her) brought me the Pioneer Woman cookbooks this week.  I have followed stalked her blog for awhile now, but have never laid eyes on her cookbooks.  I don't even like to cook {hangs head in shame}, but the way she writes and takes such detailed pictures... well it almost makes me wanna try!  I think I'm gonna start out with one of the simple recipes this week!  Pray for me!
I hope that you are all having a great week so far.  I have popped some Advil PM in the hopes of getting more than a few hours sleep tonight.  It is still my struggle!  OHHHH... and remember that the pencil sharpener giveaway ends tomorrow @midnight... it's like the super easiest giveaway EVER... seriously like 2 clicks and that's it!  Good luck!!!
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  1. I saw the Sweet Brown clip for the first time this past weekend. The addition of Adam Levine makes it even better!
    Enchanting Elementary

  2. Love. That. Picture.... :) Saving it to your phone is a great idea! Love the QR codes! The kids are so gonna dig that - what a great way to add a new spin on rounding!