Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Butt Hurts

Have you seen this picture from Pinterest?  Seriously... every time I see it, I chuckle on the inside.  I'm chuckling now... just typing and uploading! :)
I hope that you all had a safe and happy Easter spent with your favorite peeps!  I am so wishing that we had this upcoming week off for spring break... but it's not our turn yet.  {5 more days}  We had family in town all weekend and I am feeling really worn down.  My M1 and M2 enjoyed a whole host of Easter fun-ness... egg dying, egg hunts, family time, staying up way too late, riding their new 4 wheelers... just all around boy-ness!  (couldn't snap one where they were both looking... so I gave up!) 
I also went to one of my favorite shops here in town to see what new goodies they had just for me (insert maniacal laughing) and I snapped up this frame.  It will be perfect for my annual beach picture!
Each year we take the same picture (kids facing the ocean)... it is so cute to watch how they grow from year to year...  you don't have to worry if everyone is smiling nice for the cameras... and it looks great in a frame (thus the new purchase!)...  I go with my fab friend Tara from ...and They All Fall Down since we're real life friends and co-workers.  Our kiddos get along great.  We spend all day at the beach and/or pool... riding all over the island on golf carts, feeding deer, alligator watching, etc.  We are leaving the day after school is out and I'm PUMPED!!! 
We only have 35 days left in this school year... when do y'all get out?  Our students started August 1st... and our last day is May 24th.  It's always interesting to me to see when everyone gets out all over the US!
Again, I hope you all had a beautiful Easter with your loved ones... I'll be back soon! 


  1. I laugh every single time I see those bunnies.

  2. Your title had me a little worried! :) I love reading your posts! :) 50 something days girl! :) BEACH or BUST!


  3. I know you guys can't wait! I would love to come along on one of your trips if you'll have me and there is room! Sounds fabulous!

  4. May 24! I teach until June 18th... and yes, that is a Tuesday- not sure how that happened. So jealous!

    I started to write this comment solely to talk about that bunny picture. I had never seen it before. Priceless! But now I am just thinking about how much longer I have until summer...sidenote: currently on Spring Break and need to enjoy that, right? (Plus we don't start until September so I guess it evens itself out...but still jealous)

    Crayons and Whimsy

    1. June 18th? Holy moly! We have a 1/2 day tomorrow and then our spring break officially starts... I am so excited for some much needed time away from my classroom! Hope your spring break was FAB!