Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's Currently November {Gobble, Gobble, Y'all}

I always say "Ain't no tired like a back to school teacher tired!" Well folks...  that has carried over into now November.  I'm just TIRED.  I didn't even have the energy to link up to Currently last month.  I know I am not alone.  The other teacher moms are nodding in agreement....  just tired!  BUT I am linking up with Farley this month... YES I am!  :)

Listening: to my boys talk about zombies.  They are obsessed.  To be completely fair... I am, too!  I love The Walking Dead and it comes on in a few hours (eeeek!)  Do you watch every Sunday, too?  This season really started off with a bang!

Loving: the cooler weather.  In south Georgia it is usually really warm on Halloween and even Thanksgiving.  This colder weather has been really nice.  Not cold enough for snow here, but def scarf and long sleeve weather!

Thinking: there are only 15 days of school before break.  If I get specific though... one of those days is a teacher workday (woot!) and I am taking a personal day with my friend to go Christmas shopping and just have a girls' day for a change!  I'm ready to get my Santa on, y'all!

Wanting:  a pair of Hunter wellies {swoon}...  these will be my Christmas present to myself I think.  I've been very good.....  Santa thinks I'm legit... now to decide what color.  Do I go with a practical color (brown/black) or do I get funky (turquoise/pink)?!?!?!
Needing:  new workout clothes.  So part of the reason I have been absent from here has been school...  and my boys take karate everyday.... BUT I have been doing Crossfit and trying to make healthier choices with my food.  I have now been caffeine free for a month.  No daily morning Starbucks run...  no Pepsi with lunch and dinner.  I am so excited to see results and I am feeling really motivated right now.  I like lifting heavy things and the sore feeling the next day... I am taking baby steps, but haven't felt this mentally strong in a long time!

Reading:  It Starts With Food...  it is a great book and I am learning a lot.  I am going to try the Whole30 soon and can't wait to see what my body can do.

So... there you have it.  I am still here and trucking along... just trying to spend less time on my computer and even less time working on TpT things and more time working on ME!  Maybe one day I will be brave enough to post pictures of my progress!  I hope that November has found you all healthy and inching closer to Thanksgiving break!  Talk to y'all soon!


  1. Found your blog through the Currently! It's super cute :) I am dead tired too and I don't even have kids! I vote crazy fun color for the wellies. Happy Sunday!

  2. How inspiring to hear that making small changes makes you feel mentally strong and happy! I have been secretly stalking hunter boots on Pinterest for a few months, but haven't dared to go try them on....yet. I would go for basic black just because I could style them with so many more things, but a pop of color is fun, too. Have a great week :)

  3. Definitely go for the turquoise! I'm a color person, and turquoise is one of my favorites! I'm not a fan of hot weather, but I'm jealous of you Georgia folks who don't get these cold winters!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  4. We love The Walking Dead. I'm really curious to see what's been going on with Beth! Enjoy your November!

    Teaching In A Nutshell

  5. Way to go on your ambition to take better care of yourself! It's so hard sometimes to remember to take care of ourselves between work and home. I love wellies!! I slip mine on every morning when walking the dog. I'd go with the traditional black/brown. Have a lovely Thanksgiving break!

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