Monday, July 21, 2014

Stitch Fix #9

Oh goodness...  I just realized I forgot to actually blog about my last Stitch Fix.  I had surgery 2 weeks ago and then once I was on the mend... I headed off to the TpT conference in Vegas.  My Stitch Fix box came the day before I hopped on the plane.  I took a few quick pictures, made a few key decisions, and threw my "keepers" in the suitcase as extras!
You know the drill, right?  They send you 5 items that are personalized to your tastes.  How do they know?  You fill out the style profile once you set up your account.  You can also give them links to your style board(s) on Pinterest if you have those!  I usually ask for shirts since I'm picky about pants and I don't wear a lot of dresses or skirts.  I did ask for a scarf once and loved what they sent!  I think just giving really good feedback is key after each box.  Here's what came this past month:
This was one of my favorites.  It is so comfy and forgiving.  I love the blue mesh-type covering near the arms.  This was a definite keeper...  looks so cute with jeans and flats. I will be wearing this a bunch once school starts back for sure...  especially since I love to throw a cardigan over everything!
This turquoise top was also really comfy and went with me to Vegas.  It has some really cute detail on the front.  It did get pretty wrinkly after washing and I don't iron often ... so I have to problem solve that one!  This one was a keeper...  I just think I may need to sneak it into the Mr's dry cleaning bag each time I wear it!  :)
This pink shirt was very comfy... like super comfy and I actually really liked the color, but it went down so far in the back that my bra strap showed.  I teach first grade, y'all... and I don't think my admin would be down with that!  This one went back.  I just really like to be covered up.
This top is my absolute favorite... in fact it might be my most favorite top that Stitch Fix has ever sent me.  The detail work is so amazing.  I love it.  I think I would've made a great hippie!  :)  This one was a definite keeper. Heck, I wouldn't mind having another one... just as a backup.  It's beautiful!
Last one... and I really, really loved it.  It was just too tight.  The style is perfect... it is SO me.  I loved the tab sleeves, the details...  loved all of it, but I couldn't pull it down over the girls {ahem} and the arms were snug.  I would wear shirts like this every single day...  LOVED it.  Alas, this one went back b/c it was just too
little!  {sniff}

Are you ready to take the leap?  I obviously am in love with the idea of clothes in the mail since this was my 9th box.  #10 will be here August 4th and I am so excited to see what they will send next.  If you want to check the site out and fill out your style profile, you can do that HERE!  Let me know what you think.  Hope y'all are having a great Monday... talk to you soon!

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  1. I just started with Stitch Fix and got my 2nd fix last week. I was a little disappointed with my fix this time. I asked for tops that I could wear in hot weather since I live in South Florida and the stylist sent me several long sleeve tops. Ummmm...I'm guessing they didn't pay attention to that detail. I really like several of your tops that you got, especially the white one that you kept. Thanks for sharing your fix. I can't wait to see what you get next time.

    The Teacher's Backpack