Friday, January 17, 2014

Five For Friday... AMEN!

So... the 100th day was yesterday.  It was also a full moon.  Today we had a recognition ceremony.  The kids were literally vibrating on the way out the school doors this afternoon.  I am so thankful for the long weekend.... no Sunday night blues for this girl!  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five For Friday... this one is a crazy compilation...
Remember when I said it was our 100th day on Thursday?  I decided to make my own shirt with tally marks to celebrate.  I was pretty pumped... not even gonna lie!  The black shirt with the silver glitter just made me feel happy all day {and very sparkly!}.  The kids really liked it... and lots of other teachers wanted to touch!
Is your 100th day coming up?  Do you need a shirt?  I am selling ones just like this over at  Tea and Coffee (my joint store with Tara @ and they all fall down).  You can find those listings HERE!  {just look for the right size before purchasing}
Ok... more about the 100th day.  I know I have written about the 100th day pack that I made using the Aging Booth app... my grade level at school got in on the action and MAN their pictures turned out so great!  We were all really impressed with the kiddos' writing.  It has been really neat to see the who school walk down the hallway really slowly so they can look at all the pictures and read!!!!  WAY cool!  I also got this feedback a few days ago... and it MADE my day!  {and looking at the picture now... maybe I should charge my phone more}
As a grade level we decided to do a canned food drive for the 100th day...  our goal was to collect 100 cans by Thursday to donate to our local food bank.  The kids tallied everyday and would get so stinkin' excited when more cans would come in. They would cheer for each other and it made my heart go pitter patter.  I stacked our cans up like a pyramid and they REALLY loved that... I kinda felt like the popular kid! When Thursday rolled around... our 1st grade kiddos had brought in almost 300 canned foods!  How's that for a warm fuzzy?!?!  
I am one excited chick...  my Stitch Fix box has been shipped. It should be coming tomorrow {fingers crossed} or maybe Tuesday b/c of the MLK holiday.  I am so excited to see which 5 items they are including this time.  Have you signed up for Stitch Fix yet?  It is perfect for teachers...  you fill out a style profile, set a price point, and can even give them a link to your Pinterest style boards.  This will be my 4th "Fix" and I am hooked!  It's so nice to try on new things @ home... and all I have to do is use the pre-paid mailer bag to return anything I don't want.  Easy peasy.  IF you think this sounds cool... you can check it out HERE!  
One last one...  this is a picture of the snack that we had yesterday.  Full disclosure... the cookies were on sale at our local grocery store.  The cute napkins were left over from our Wizard of Oz party earlier this year.  This teacher is poor... how long 'til payday, y'all?  Every year I promise "This year I will do better" ... and EVERY SINGLE YEAR by the middle of January I start thinking about pawning my children {totally joking about the kids... but not joking about the poor part}!  
I hope that y'all had a great week... and that your long weekend will be even better.  If you get a chance... check out the new Tea and Coffee store and let me know in the comments which item(s)  you think look the coolest.  Talk to y'all soon!  


  1. Love your 100th Day shirt! Ours is on the 27th! Glad to hear about the aging booth app because we were looking for a good one. Congratulations on the huge success of the canned food drive! Have a good weekend!

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  2. What a cute shirt. I am follower number 20 of your TPT store and I can't wait to see what other cute things you create.

  3. Love the shirt- Your blog posts reads like my future one. Our 100th day is Jan 31st. We are doing a canned food drive as well and a few of us have already started using the aging app. AND my first Stitch Fix box arrived today!!!

  4. We still have 20 days until our 100th Day! We had a late start for school this year due to a fire. You had some really cute ideas. I love the aging booth app!!!!

  5. I love your 100th Day shirts. I'd like to purchase one but I didn't see a size L. Did I miss it? You are so talented and creative! I always get so many great ideas from your blog and your TpT store, and now you have another store. Thanks for making my teaching fun and meaningful for my students.

    1. Hey Kathy... I had it set to only do 5 of each so that I could keep up with demand ;) I'm all caught up and the link should work now in case you were still wanting to order!!! Thanks for your sweet, sweet comment... you made my day!

  6. Our 100th day is next week! I can't wait to try to aging booth app! Thanks for sharing the idea!

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